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    Fireworks Shop opening times

    Monday - Saturday 9.00AM - 6.00PM Sunday 10.00AM - 4.00PM  
  2. New Hercules for 2015
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    New Hercules for 2015

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    What is pyro?

    What is pyro? Pyro is the Greek name for fire and fireworks, or consumer pyrotechnics, have evolved today into one of the most beautiful and exciting spectacles for both large scale and local events. The Fireworks Shop serves customers locally and nationally and due to the lifelong passion of our proprietor, Wayne Richardson, only the most carefully selected pyrotechnics of...
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    Top 5 fireworks displays in the world

    Top 5 fireworks displays in the world There’s more to a truly great firework display than just setting off a large amount of fireworks; we here at Fireworks Shop UK know this and know it well. So if you’re stuck for ideas for your next display, or just want a quick peek at how the best in the world do...
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    The Fireworks Shop: the all-year-round firework specialists!

    The all-year-round firework specialists! Fireworks are often associated with a memorable or landmark event. Of course, there's Bonfire Night, where fireworks represent the ill-fated attempt of Guy Fawkes to blow up Parliament. We also welcome in the New Year with cacophonous explosions of Catherine wheels, and our American cousins over the pond tend to have spectacular exhibitions to celebrate Independence...
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    The British Musical Fireworks Championships

    The British Musical Fireworks Championships The British Musical Fireworks Championships, held in Southport annually since 1999, is a unique pyrotechnics competition unlike any other in the UK – and is an incredible spectacle to behold and enjoy! Combining expert pyrotechnics and design with fantastic music, the championships, which is held over three days in the autumn, is the opportunity for...
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    Safety Regulations Fireworks

    Safety Regulations Fireworks Fireworks are a fantastic and fun way to celebrate a special occasion with the family. However, you must set them off safely and legally. Adult fireworks, those in categories 2 and 3, can only be purchased and possessed by someone over the age of 18. They must not be set off in public areas - this includes...
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    Frequently asked questions about firework setups

    Frequently asked questions about firework setups Here at the Fireworks Shop, we supply fireworks to the general public throughout the year. We have supplied fireworks for every kind of event you could think of, so we’d like to think we know a thing or two about rockets, fountains, Catherine wheels and the like. Fortunately, our customers agree, and they regularly...
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    Compelling reasons why you should hold your own private fireworks party

    As November draws nearer and excitement grows about Guy Fawkes Night celebrations, many families will be planning to attend organised fireworks displays to mark the occasion Public displays are often perceived to be preferable to a private fireworks party in the seclusion of your own garden, but in fact DIY fireworks kits, such as those available from the Fireworks Shop...
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    British Fireworks Championships, 18 & 19 August, Plymouth

    British Fireworks Championships The world renowned British Firework Championships return to Plymouth this August, with tens of thousands expected to attend the 19th annual edition of the firework extravaganza. See also: The British Firework Championships, held this year on the 18th and 19th August, is one of Britain’s most spectacular firework displays. Organised in association with The Event Services Association...

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