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  • What is pyro?

    What is pyro?

    Pyro is the Greek name for fire and fireworks, or consumer pyrotechnics, have evolved today into one of the most beautiful and exciting spectacles for both large scale and local events. The Fireworks Shop serves customers locally and nationally and due to the lifelong passion of our proprietor, Wayne Richardson, only the most carefully selected pyrotechnics of quality and effect are available for purchase in our shops.

    Technically, the most popular pyrotechnic effects depend on the number of star pellets inside a spherical aerial shell, which is composed of a shell leader, a ring of stars, with a burst charge heart encased in the centre. The complete shell has a time fuse and a lift charge and the charge is firecracker-like.

    Although consumer fireworks are considered a low level hazard, care should always be taken by the pyro technician in charge of any event. Simple common sense, such as following instructions and providing a bucket of sand or water for used fireworks or sparklers will help to ensure the safety of those who attend and will make your event memorable for all the right reasons.

    Videos of all the pyrotechnics available for purchase instantly from The Fireworks Shop makes selecting the correct colours and firework design effects that much easier. Fire artists can find everything they need to colour their night sky canvas.

    Of course, some colours are more difficult to achieve then others due to their chemical composition. Blue, for example, is still the pyro wizard's philosopher's stone. But some blue shades are possible today and reds, greens, orange and whites are very easy to find.

    Fireworks display packages are available for those who prefer expert selections ready-made for a variety of occasions, such as weddings, festivals and even small garden events. You may decided on a Mars Ballistic Box if you want your party to go with a bang in the sky, for example, while on the ground, the whizzed eye of the Fiery Eyed Catherine Wheel may suit. What is Pyro? In fireworks, all the sparkling explosions of a dream. Purchase your pallet of pyro from The Fireworks Shop online.

  • Top 5 fireworks displays in the world

    Top 5 fireworks displays in the world

    There’s more to a truly great firework display than just setting off a large amount of fireworks; we here at Fireworks Shop UK know this and know it well. So if you’re stuck for ideas for your next display, or just want a quick peek at how the best in the world do it, let us guide you through five of the best fireworks shows the world has ever seen.

    1. Bompass & Parr - London, 2013

    Bompass & Parr (can you imagine a more quintessentially English name?) are creators of ‘fine English jellies’ and ‘spectacular culinary events’, but for New Year's Eve 2013, they turned their attentions to fireworks. Using balloons and fireworks filled with special scents, the team matched firework colours to smells and edible packages that were wafted, launched and dropped over the audience (red fireworks were accompanied by the smell of strawberries, for example), for a truly unique experience.

    2. Big Bay Boom - San Diego, 2012

    Alright, so this one is a bit different and not technically a great fireworks show but more of a failure; it was certainly unique though, so we’re going to run with it. In 2012, the computer running the launch of the annual Big Bay Boom 4th of July fireworks show in San Diego malfunctioned, simultaneously launching over 7,000 fireworks (that’s a 15 minute show's worth) in less than 20 seconds. The resulting boom deafened spectators, rattled windows and set off car alarms several miles away. Although a total failure in terms of a traditional firework show, the Big Boom certainly lived up to its name and made for an impressive spectacle.

    3. Golden Gate Bridge 75th anniversary - San Francisco, 2012

    Syncing fireworks to music is a difficult, but rewarding, task and one that was pulled off with aplomb by the team behind the display for the 75th of anniversary of the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge. For such an iconic building, a truly spectacular show was needed and this did not disappoint.

    4. Burj Khalifa - Dubai, 2010-Present

    What better place to hold one of the world's most awe-inspiring fireworks displays than its tallest building? With launchers scaling up and down the side of the 830m building, the Burj is almost coated in fireworks during the peak of the show and makes for one of the globe's most amazing sights, throughout the 15 minute display.

    5. National Day - Singapore, 9th August every year

    Singapore’s National Day, celebrating the country's independence from Malaysia, is the culmination of several days of festivities and ends in truly awesome series of fireworks shows split over several nights, all to the backdrop of the world famous, and thoroughly modern, Singapore skyline. Fantastic!

    If you’ve been inspired to try your own hand at a brilliant firework display, or you’re an experienced practitioner who’s picked up some tips from displays around the world, head on down to Fireworks Store UK to sample our huge range of fireworks and accessories, or just browse our online store to see the kind of fireworks we can deliver to you.

  • The Fireworks Shop: the all-year-round firework specialists!

    The all-year-round firework specialists!

    Fireworks are often associated with a memorable or landmark event. Of course, there's Bonfire Night, where fireworks represent the ill-fated attempt of Guy Fawkes to blow up Parliament. We also welcome in the New Year with cacophonous explosions of Catherine wheels, and our American cousins over the pond tend to have spectacular exhibitions to celebrate Independence Day.

    However, fireworks don’t have to be confined to certain times of the year; after all, you can buy Easter eggs in December now! True, by law you can only purchase fireworks from registered sellers (such as supermarkets and corner shops) on certain dates. These include 15th October to 10th November, 26th December to 31st December and the three days before Diwali and Chinese New Year.

    However, the pyromaniacs among you will be delighted to hear that, throughout the rest of the year, fireworks are available to buy, legally, from licensed shops. So, whether you want to liven up your Auntie Aggie’s birthday tea with a few sparklers, or you wish to make your annual summer BBQ a bash to remember, establishments such as the Fireworks Shop [http://www.fireworksshop.uk.com/] have got you covered! Impress your friends with mini displays from the comfort of your back garden, and inspire your Instagram followers with jealousy by writing your name in the air with a sparkler.

    Amid all your excitement, it’s important to remember that, just because you can buy fireworks all year round, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to abide by safety regulations. Ensure you follow all instructions and bear in mind that punishments for illegal use are severe; you can be fined or even imprisoned for selling or using fireworks illegally. You could also be subject to an on-the-spot fine of £90.

    For all your spectacular and explosive needs, the Fireworks Shop can help. Whether online or in-store, we stock literally hundreds of rockets, fountains, Catherine wheels and sparklers to make your celebration go off with a bang! Best of all, we’re open and licensed to sell all year round, so you don’t have to wait until the cold depths of autumn to spark up!

  • The British Musical Fireworks Championships

    The British Musical Fireworks Championships

    The British Musical Fireworks Championships, held in Southport annually since 1999, is a unique pyrotechnics competition unlike any other in the UK – and is an incredible spectacle to behold and enjoy!

    Combining expert pyrotechnics and design with fantastic music, the championships, which is held over three days in the autumn, is the opportunity for some of the country’s leading display experts to pit their creative skills against one another, in a celebration of pyrotechnics that is simply awe-inspiring to watch.

    Seven different companies plan for months to produce the most stunning, choreographed fireworks display possible, each of which is themed with appropriately chosen music. One of the key highlights of the show is the synchronisation of the fireworks with the music, using pyrotechnics both at ground level and in the sky for maximum visual effect.

    Industry experts judge each of the entrant’s displays, awarding points according to the synchronisation of the displays, in addition to the mood, choice of music, choreography, design and variety of effects.

    With each display scheduled to take between 16 and 18 minutes, with four pieces of music, spectators are guaranteed an unforgettable light and music show. Unsurprisingly, the British Musical Fireworks Championships is a huge crowd-puller, making it one of Southport’s most popular and exciting annual events – as well as being arguably the leading display competition in the entire country!

    With the dark nights drawing in, minds across the country will soon turn to planning Guy Fawkes parties to celebrate the failure of the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament over 400 years ago.

    If you’re planning a garden firework party this November, or require fireworks for any other special occasion, your first port of call should be the Fireworks Shop [http://www.fireworksshop.uk.com/], to appreciate the wide range of fireworks available for home use. From boxes of traditional garden fireworks to barrage packs for the ultimate in night sky wizardry, our products are sure to meet the needs of every occasion. You could even purchase a DIY fireworks kit for display standard pyrotechnics in the privacy of your own garden! With a full range of Bonfire Night accessories, including the unmissable sparklers, you can be sure of enjoying a fireworks party that is simply unforgettable!

  • Safety Regulations Fireworks

    Safety Regulations Fireworks

    Fireworks are a fantastic and fun way to celebrate a special occasion with the family. However, you must set them off safely and legally. Adult fireworks, those in categories 2 and 3, can only be purchased and possessed by someone over the age of 18.

    They must not be set off in public areas - this includes sparkers - and a fine of £90 can be imposed for breaking this law. Fireworks must only be set off between the hours of 7am and 11pm, with the exception of Bonfire Night, where the cutoff time is 12am, and New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year, where the cutoff time is 1am.

    Firework categories are broken into two divisions. The first, categories 1 through to 3, include the kind and size of fireworks that are available to the public. Category 1, or 'indoor' fireworks, are meant to be enjoyed in constrained areas and are very small. Category 2, or 'garden' fireworks must be safely viewable from 5 metres and scatter no debris outside of a 3 metre radius. Category 3, or 'display' fireworks, must be safely viewed from 25 metres away and scatter no debris outside of a 20 metre radius. It's not illegal to set a firework off inside the minimum safety recommendations, however for your own safety it's always advisable to follow the manufacturer instructions and obey the recommendations of the law.

    The second division includes category 4 fireworks, or 'professional' grade. These have no restrictions; however, they can only be purchased and possessed by someone with a licence.

    Except for specially licensed fireworks shops, fireworks are only on sale for several days leading up to special holidays. They are available for the three days leading up to Chinese New Year and Diwali, as well as on the day. They are also available from the 15th October to 10th November for Bonfire Night, and from December 26th to the 31st for New Years Eve. However, specially licensed shops, like the Firework Shop, can supply fireworks all year round.

    For your next big birthday bash or anniversary make sure you celebrate with a bang! The Firework Shop is your leading supplier of firework fun 365 days a year! Available in shop and online. Follow the laws, for your own safety as well as others, and have fun!

  • Frequently asked questions about firework setups

    Frequently asked questions about firework setups

    Here at the Fireworks Shop, we supply fireworks to the general public throughout the year. We have supplied fireworks for every kind of event you could think of, so we’d like to think we know a thing or two about rockets, fountains, Catherine wheels and the like. Fortunately, our customers agree, and they regularly come to us with questions regarding how to make the best use of their fireworks. Questions such as:

    I’ve just bought some of your excellent fireworks. Where can I let them off?

    You’re permitted to let fireworks off on your own land or property, or on someone else’s land or property, provided you have their consent. It’s against the law for fireworks to be lit in any public space (so don’t take them down to the park) and, of course, on motorways.

    So, I can let them off in my back garden? It’s a bit small…

    Yes and space is something that has to be taken into consideration. Category 2 and 3 fireworks each have space restrictions of five and 25 metres respectively – this is the distance that those viewing the fireworks have to stand back. Obviously, if you have a poky backyard that only measures 15 metres across, don’t buy category 3 fireworks.

    What else do I need to consider before I can find a suitable space to light my fireworks?

    Like all flying objects, the firework needs a clear path in which to operate. This means that there should be no trees or cables either above or close to the vicinity of your garden. Always check your firework isn’t going to collide with an object, animate or inanimate, before launching. Oh, and if you live near an airport, check you’re not too close to a flight path; we’re not aware of a firework ever having brought a plane down before, but you don’t want to risk it.

    Just one more thing: when can I let my fireworks off?

    So you’re not being a nuisance and waking people up in the early hours of Monday morning, fireworks are permitted between 7am and 11pm, although this time is extended until midnight on 5th November and 1am for New Years Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year.

    Of course, there’s one question you should already know the answer to: where’s the best place to buy fireworks? Have a look at our extensive range now, via http://www.fireworksshop.uk.com/.

  • Compelling reasons why you should hold your own private fireworks party

    As November draws nearer and excitement grows about Guy Fawkes Night celebrations, many families will be planning to attend organised fireworks displays to mark the occasion

    Public displays are often perceived to be preferable to a private fireworks party in the seclusion of your own garden, but in fact DIY fireworks kits, such as those available from the Fireworks Shop, offer a number of advantages that could help to make your 5th November celebration more personal and memorable than any organised display.

    If you’re undecided whether to hold your own fireworks celebration this year or to head to an organised display, here's a selection of reasons why a DIY firework kit in your own back garden will create an occasion to remember:

    A more personal occasion

    When you attend a public display, you end up rubbing shoulders with complete strangers, with potentially thousands of people in attendance. Yet you may hark back to the days of your childhood when you enjoyed a box of simple garden fireworks with only your closest family and friends, remembering such occasions with a sense of nostalgia. By choosing a DIY firework kit from the Fireworks Shop, you can invite only selected guests to the comfort of your own home to enjoy a glittering Guy Fawkes lights show!

    A stunning display in your own home

    Fireworks in your back garden with family and friends need not mean uninspiring or drab pyrotechnics that are instantly forgettable. A DIY fireworks kit will include all the fireworks you need for a dazzling display that will keep the kids entertained while giving the organised display a run for its money! With a variety of DIY firework kits available to cater for every party, you can be confident that your spectacle will be as delightful as a public display.

    A cost-effective alternative

    The entry fees at public displays are increasing year on year, especially by the time you add in all the extras such as food and drink to mark the occasion. With a DIY fireworks kit, you can enjoy fantastic pyrotechnics for an affordable price that will meet every budget which, combined with great party food and drink, will make the evening one to remember!

    Remember, remember… the weather

    Finally, one huge disadvantage of a public display is the inability to time it to occur with a rain-free, fogless night. With a DIY fireworks kit, you can be certain of holding your own Guy Fawkes party when the weather is ideal for a dazzling show in the night sky.

    So, with November approaching, the only action you need to take is to browse the selection of DIY firework kits available at the Fireworks Shop, before sending out the invitations to family and friends for a Guy Fawkes Night to remember.

  • British Fireworks Championships, 18 & 19 August, Plymouth

    British Fireworks Championships

    The world renowned British Firework Championships return to Plymouth this August, with tens of thousands expected to attend the 19th annual edition of the firework extravaganza. See also: https://www.fireworksshop.uk.com/blog/fireworks/the-british-musical-fireworks-championships/

    The British Firework Championships, held this year on the 18th and 19th August, is one of Britain’s most spectacular firework displays. Organised in association with The Event Services Association (TESA) and Plymouth City Council, the competition feature displays by six of the UK's leading pyrotechnics companies who will set off four tonnes of fireworks over the Plymouth waterfront in a bid to be crowned the 2015 champion.

    Competition displays will begin at 9.30pm on Tuesday 18th, with activities, music and entertainment planned across the two nights.

    The Red Arrows will take to the skies on Wednesday night, thrilling all with their twists and turns. The fearless jet pilots will put on an incredible display of speed and precision in the air above the picturesque setting of Plymouth Hoe. The two day event will also have fair ground rides, catering and a live music stage hosted by Heart Radio.

    The Heart Radio Entertainment Stage kicks off at 7pm on Tuesday with Sugar Thieves and their rich New Orleans blues-roots fusion. Local star Martyn Crocker, who will play tracks from his new EP at 7.50pm, is followed by homegrown rocker Chay Snowden at 8.10pm. The opening night is rounded off with Ashes to Ashes, who will play upbeat '80s classics for the rest of the night.

    Wednesday's highlights include a high tempo dance performance from Street Factory and the event is rounded off with the post-punk stars The Sound, one of the finest bands of the 1980s, at 8.40pm.

    For more information about the event, please visit www.britishfireworks.co.uk.

    To create your own fireworks spectacular, make sure you visit The Fireworks Shop. The Fireworks Shop has the finest selection in the UK and a team of experts can advise you on what to buy. Plan your display and consult our specialists to ensure affordable quality. For more details, visit www.fireworksshop.uk.com.

  • Blackpool Rockets

    Blackpool Rockets

    This September, there'll be more to Blackpool Promenade than the world-famous illuminations.

    Each Friday, from the 11th September, the skies of Blackpool will be ignited with awe-inspiring firework displays as part of the annual World Firework Championships.

    The Blackpool seafront will host the best international pyrotechnic teams, who are to compete in an aerial extravaganza of light, music and explosions. The spectacle attracts and entertains thousands of visitors along the beachfront, and can be seen along the Fylde coast, with viewings reported as far away as Cleveleys.

    2014 saw competitors from Sweden, Austria and Canada battle it out across the skies to be crowned the Blackpool World Firework Champion, and this year will see Niagara-based Firemaster Productions, from Canada, defend their title.

    As a team who were involved in the opening ceremony production of the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010, Firemaster have set an extremely high standard by carefully choreographing their displays with contemporary and emotive music to truly wow an audience.

    Swedish entrants Linders Pyrotechnics and Lukasser Design Fireworks from Austria, will come out fighting, in a dynamic and dazzling match above the iconic skyline of Blackpool. With the experience and tradition behind Linders Pyrotechnics vying against Lukasser Production’s trademark epic, cinematic-scale productions, the Championship looks to be closely contested and will no doubt result in the delight and enjoyment of visitors to Blackpool and the surrounding areas.

    The festival of fireworks draws to a close on the 2nd October with non-competing UK based team, Titanium Fireworks, deploying a visually stunning and evocative exhibition of the premier bursts and flashes in the country.

    Titanium Fireworks are the brains behind the jaw-dropping New Year and Hogmanay celebrations in London and Edinburgh, and the stunning London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, so spectators are guaranteed to see a very special show indeed.

    Visit Fireworks Shop [http://www.fireworksshop.uk.com/] online or in-store, to plan your very own firework spectacular, using the UK’s best, affordable fireworks.

    With a selection of display packages delivered straight to your door Fireworks Shop are the expert, convenient and safe solution for your occasion. Speak to the Fireworks Shop team today to help your celebration go off with a bang.

  • Are you ready for bonfire night?

    Bonfire Night?

    Bonfire Night remains one of the UK’s most popular and enjoyable annual occasions, as families and friends gather together to enjoy a roasting bonfire, dazzling fireworks and delicious food. To make the occasion one to remember, get planning early for a trouble-free evening. See safety.

    Order your fireworks

    With a huge range of fireworks for every occasion, it’s possible to have the fantastic display in the privacy of your own garden, without needing to trudge to a public display with thousands of other people. Whether you fancy a selection of traditional favourites or a DIY fireworks kit for a display unlike any other, the Fireworks Shop has the full range of products to make your Guy Fawkes celebrations pass with a bang, as well as all the accessories you could need.

    Build a bonfire

    Building a bonfire is pretty straightforward, but it’s essential to construct it safely. Choose a position in your garden that is well away from overhanging trees, wooden fences and, of course, the fireworks site. Ensure, as you construct it, that loose materials are packed centrally and use rigid materials, such as wood, to line the outside in order to keep the shape of the bonfire. Autumn days can be damp, so cover the bonfire with thick plastic sheeting to keep it dry, rather than relying on accelerants to get it burning on the night.

    If you’re worried about wildlife, such as hedgehogs, crawling into the fire before it is lit, surround it with a double row of bricks or similar material to create an effective barrier.

    Prepare the pets

    Animals are notoriously unsettled by the sound of fireworks, so it's in their best interests to prepare them for several evenings of explosions, crackles and flashes. Obviously, all pets should be brought indoors during evenings when fireworks are likely to be set off in your neighbourhood, preferably placing them in a room well away from the garden. Draw the curtains and give your pet plenty of food, water and familiar toys or bedding – as well as plenty of reassurance and cuddles!

    If your pet is particularly prone to being easily scared, it's advisable to discuss the situation with your vet who may be able to recommend suitable options, such as plug-in pheromone dischargers or sensitisation CDs which can be beneficial and therapeutic.

    Prepare a buffet

    Guy Fawkes parties are a great opportunity to socialise with family and friends, so ordering in suitable food is perfect to make the occasion a really special one. A finger buffet is ideal, giving people the chance to select their own food, while finishing off some jacket potatoes in the embers of the bonfire is a tradition that simply cannot be missed!

    Plan ahead for your Bonfire Night party and you’ll be assured an evening to remember – so long as the rain holds off!

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