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    Beeston manor fireworks

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    War Hawks Vs Space Hawk Rockets

    See how Warhawk Rockets compare to Spacehawk Rockets in this video!
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    Bonfire night 2013!

    Enjoy your firework display this year Many thanks to all our customers for all their fireworks purchases. This years bonfire night should be the best yet and we have many great new fireworks stock.
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    New Fireworks in Stock

    New Fireworks in Stock today Bonfire night is fast approaching and our new fireworks are now available online and in our shop. We have had a lot of enquiries about fireworks for weddings this year, so if you are considering buying fireworks for a wedding then check out our new products or give us a call and we will help...
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    Southport musical fireworks championship 2012

    British Musical Fireworks Championship September welcomes the annual British Musical Fireworks Championship, when the skies of Southport are alight with fireworks and music. See here. This years dates are Friday the 28th, saturday the 29th and sunday the 30th of September 2012. The event takes place in kings garden Southport. Seven teams compete over this 3 day event, where one...
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    Blackpool Fireworks Championship 2012

    The annual Blackpool fireworks championship returns to the most famous seaside resort in the uk. Once again the skies of blackpool will be lit up as the fireworks return for the annual championship. This event brings together the best of the best pyrotechnicians, and its all for free! It commences at 7.30pm on Friday the 7th of September, and again...
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    New Fireworks 2012

    Why not check out our new firework products from Brothers Pyrotechnics and Skycrafter, available early September 2012. We have selected the best of the new products for our customers, some really exciting new fireworks you can look at them in the new products section on the homepage. Royal Party fireworks to be revealed soon...
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    Fireworks demo evening

    Well what an evening! Absolutely fantastic range of new products for 2012. Ones to watch are REAL STEEL, RIP AND ROARING, NUCLEAR DEMOLITION and POWER STATION 1. Brothers are going to give their competition a run for their money with these new products arriving later in 2012.
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    Queens Diamond Jubilee

    60 years of the Queens reign The jubilee weekend commences on the 2nd of june 2012, until the 5th. Many people will be celebrating with street parties across the country, Fireworks will be a major feature of the festivities and we have a selection of fireworks that are perfect for such a large event! Click the jubilee logo on the...
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    Fireworks Directory

    Fireworks Directory Listing We are now listed with as a major supplier of fireworks.

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