F.A.Q. about Fireworks



What are safe distances for lighting fireworks?

Legitimate fireworks that are sold in the UK are labeled CE and are categorized with minimum distances for each:

Cat 1 - Indoor fireworks.

Cat 2 - 8 Meter distance from fireworks. 

Cat 3 - 25 Meter distance from fireworks. 

Caged -25 Meter distance from fireworks.  These caged barrage fireworks meet uk safety standards for storage by being contained within a pyromesh cage.  This metal cage reduces the fire and hazard risk of these more powerful fireworks, until the mesh is opened at the fireworks display prior to be being ignited.

Cat 4 - Not for sale to the general public, category 4 fireworks can only sold to professional display companies with the relevent qualifications and experience.

What other things are there to consider when buying fireworks?

Before purchasing fireworks it is always a good idea to check the area were you are going to ignite them. If your garden is less than 24m viewing distance then its Cat 2 fireworks you need.  If your garden exceeds 25m then Cat 2 or Cat 3 can be used. These distances are for your protection, setting off a cat 3 barrage in a 4 x 8 Metre back garden you risk showering your self in debris and even injury.  You also won't see the full effect of the fireworks due to the angle of trying to view them from too short a distance. 
30 metres plus viewing distance is optimal, its also a good idea to check that there are no over head obstructions like trees, telephone cables and electricity cables.  If you live near an airport check your are not too close to interfere with a flight path.

Where and when can I let fireworks off?

You can let fireworks off on your own land or property.  You can use fireworks on another persons land or property if you have the owners consent.  Fireworks can not be lit in any public space or highway its against the law.  Fireworks can be lit 365 days a year between the hours of 7.00am and 11.00pm except certain annual celebrations.

Until midnight bonfire night.

Until 1am New Years Eve

Until 1am Diwali

Until 1am Chinese New Year

Who can purchase fireworks?


Any adult aged 18 years or over can purchase fireworks. It is against the law to sell fireworks to anybody under the age of 18.  The fireworks shop operate a policy requiring photo identification if they appear to be under 21 years of age. We do not sell fireworks to people under 21 if they cannot provide a photo id.