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    Looking good for 2019

    China Visit 2018 -2019 I flew out from Manchester to China on 23 November 2018 with Celtic Fireworks. I landed in Changsha after a 14 hour journey and, having only been in the country 2 hours, it was off to the first demo - no time to waste! Cameras out and 80 new potential products to film, mainly Cat 4...
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    New products 2018

    So, with Bonfire Night fast approaching, we have new products arriving daily. If you check out  New for 2018  we already have 50 new products for 2018 and are updating daily on the website. As well as this, we have over 200 existing lines - we can say there is no other fireworks website in the UK with this range of products...
  3. Christmas and New Year Opening Times

      Monday 18th - Sunday 24th 10.00 Am - 4.00 Pm Christmas Day Closed Boxing Day Closed 27th - 30th 9am- 5.00pm New Years Eve 9.00 Am - 7-00 Pm
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    Fireworks Review Night - 22nd September 2017!

    For our first time, we'll be holding a fireworks review night on Friday 22 September 2017 at Bamber Bridge Football Club. Here you'll be able to see a selection of our in-store products for free. All you have to do is give a rating on each firework using a sheet we'll provide on the night. It'll be a great night...
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    Cheap Fireworks - Fireworks Shop Top 10

    We all have a spark of youth inside us no matter how old we get - it’s the reason we enjoy fireworks so much. The anticipation of lighting fireworks, followed by the exhilaration when the firework goes off, really is an exuberant moment. However, finding that disposable income to spend money on fireworks can be a chore. You’re trying to save up...
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    Biggest fireworks - Fireworks Shop Top 5

    A firework is one of those transient pleasures in life that give a short buzz of excitement. With the loud bangs, flashes in the sky and the oddly satisfying smell of gunpowder in the air, what’s more to love?! We often have people coming into our retail shop or contacting us to ask what’s the best firework we have in...
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    Quiet Fireworks - Fireworks Shop Top 10 List

    Quiet Fireworks Quiet fireworks, really? People generally presume fireworks are only loud and have bright sudden flashes, however this isn’t always the case. Loud isn’t always better. Quiet fireworks optimise the effects of fireworks and can make displays look much more creative and unique. Not only that, fireworks can be stressful to some pets, so it can be hard to...
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    Buy fireworks at fireworks shop

    Buy your fireworks at fireworks shop - huge selection Finding a good quality firework shop can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. You want to buy fireworks from a reputable retailer so your first choice may be a supermarket, cheap and cheerful. However, when the big night arrives, you'll soon realise you could've had more fun lighting...
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    Xmas & New Year Opening Times

    20 - 24 Dec - 10am - 5pm 25 - 26 Dec - Closed 27 - 30 Dec - 9am - 6pm 31 Dec - 9am - 8pm Last order date for NYE deliveries 28 Dec 2016    
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    Nov 2nd 9AM - 8PM Nov 3rd 9AM - 8PM Nov 4th 9AM - 9PM Nov 5th 9AM - 9PM Nov 6th 10AM - 5PM

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