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    Buy your fireworks at fireworks shop - huge selection

    Finding a good quality firework shop can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. You want to buy fireworks from a reputable retailer so your first choice may be a supermarket, cheap and cheerful. However, when the big night arrives, you'll soon realise you could've had more fun lighting a few matches or pulling party poppers!

    The same goes with seasonal, pop-up shops. They will promise you they’ve got the biggest and best, but they are quite frankly pathetic! Bulky packaging to look bigger, exaggerated RRPs and Buy One Get One Free offers to entice you. All this means nothing when the performance of the fireworks is so very poor. And let's say a firework doesn’t light. You go to return your faulty firework but on arrival find that the shop is closed. Not only are you left with a lighter wallet, but a half fired barrage and a disappointing night too.

    Here at Fireworks Shop we’re not like the rest. We’re licensed to sell fireworks all year round. We pride ourselves on selling you only the very best; going as far as visiting China to select new and exciting products for our customers. When you buy fireworks from us, you’ll know we’ve scrupulously fired, viewed and reviewed every product to make sure it meets our high standards. We have a wide selection of barrages, amazing rockets, fountains and much more from all the best brands including Celtic and Klasek, Planet and Prime, Jorge and Brothers. Yet this doesn’t effect our prices. Being one of the cheapest firework shops in the whole of the UK, we regularly compare our prices to other online retailers so we can offer our customers the very best value for money.

    Buy Fireworks In-Store

    In-store to buy fireworks In-store to buy fireworks

    Buy fireworks at fireworks shop. Buying fireworks from us couldn’t be easier. The shop itself contains a display of all the fireworks and with a large TV screen inside you can view every firework beforehand, making sure it lives up to your expectations. All our staff are well trained with in-depth knowledge of our products and a great passion for fireworks. We can easily provide for any occasion, ranging from a small quiet garden display to an intense open field pyro show!

    Buy Fireworks Online

    Maybe you can’t make it in-store to buy fireworks. Well, our easy to navigate website allows you to view and order any firework without leaving the comfort of your home. Just select your chosen fireworks, specify a delivery date, and we will safely and securely deliver the fireworks to your door. Or use our click and collect service if you want to simply order online and collect quickly in store.

    That’s why, when the time comes to buy fireworks, your first choice should always be Fireworks Shop. A reliable, friendly, knowledgeable, fireworks retailer, and truly the best place for you to get more bang for your money!


  • Xmas & New Year Opening Times

    20 - 24 Dec - 10am - 5pm

    25 - 26 Dec - Closed

    27 - 30 Dec - 9am - 6pm

    31 Dec - 9am - 8pm

    Last order date for NYE deliveries 28 Dec 2016




    Nov 2nd 9AM - 8PM
    Nov 3rd 9AM - 8PM
    Nov 4th 9AM - 9PM
    Nov 5th 9AM - 9PM
    Nov 6th 10AM - 5PM

  • Deliveries and Shop opening times

    We have now reached our cut-off date for online orders for 5 November 2016. If you require a store collection order, please contact us on 01772 877860. Online orders facility will resume on 6 November 2016.
    The Shop is open as usual.
    Nov 2nd 9AM - 8PM
    Nov 3rd 9AM - 8PM
    Nov 4th 9AM - 9PM
    Nov 5th 9AM - 9PM
    Nov 6th 10AM - 5PM



    The summer months seem like a distant memory as we now approach Bonfire Night. Here at Fireworks Shop we are in overdrive bringing you the newest fireworks, along with the old favourites.

    We have over 40 new products from the likes of Celtic, Klasek, Planet and Primed Pyro, which we will be adding to our website over the coming days. These new products are what we have selected based on their quality, effects and value for money. You will not find these products any cheaper in the UK. So, if you are looking for fireworks, you can order online, or visit our store.


    Well, we've had a busy first few months of 2016, starting our preparations for the season ahead.

    On 7 January I flew out to Liuyang in China with Celtic fireworks, where we visited 16 factories and viewed over 1000 fireworks over a 10 day period. From these, we short listed 14 to add to our existing Celtic range. Check out the video below:

    In early February, we visited the Spring fair at the NEC Birmingham where Brothers Pyrotechnics, Absolute fireworks, Benwell fireworks, Fireworks International and Cosmic fireworks were showcasing their New 2016 range. We will reserve judgement on these new items until fired on UK soil - as soon as we see them, posts will follow with videos for you to decide.

    All in all a really exciting early start to 2016 and more to follow with plenty of demonstration events in the next few months.

  • Christmas and New-year opening times and deliveries

    Shop opening times

    1 to 18 December - open Thursday, Friday & Saturday only - 9am to 4pm

    19 - 24 December - open every day - 9am to 6pm

    25 - 26 December - closed

    27 - 31 December - open every day - 9am to 6pm

    If you require us to open any other time, please phone 01772 877860 or 07966 040315 and we can arrange.

    UK deliveries - the last date for placing orders for Xmas & New Year delivery is 21 December 2015.

    Local deliveries - we can accommodate deliveries within 30 miles of Preston up to 23 December 2015 and then during the period 27 to 30 December 2015. Any questions, please phone 01772 877860 or 07966 040315.


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  • Fireworks Shop opening times

    Monday - Saturday 9.00AM - 6.00PM

    Sunday 10.00AM - 4.00PM


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