Fireworks Safety Advice

 1.  Always read the instructions for each firework carefully then follow them

 2.  Light fireworks away from flammable materials and buildings.

 3.  Have a bucket or container of water handy.

 4.  Only 1 person should be responsible for the fireworks and lighting them.

 5.  Use a bucket of earth to stick fireworks in before lighting them.

 6.  Avoid alcohol when lighting fireworks.

 7.  Do not re-light fireworks, even if they appear not to be lit.

 8.  Fireworks that fail to light should be left for 20 minutes then dropped into water, and left to soak for some time.

 9.  Eye protection and gloves should be used when lighting fireworks.

12. Only use fireworks labelled with safety standard BS 7114. All stock meets these safety standards.

13. Keep unlit fireworks at a distance from where they are being used, remove them and light them one at a time..

14. Do not point fireworks or hold them when lighting.

15. Supervise children carefully when using fireworks, even sparklers..

16. Sparklers are not suitable for children under 5.

17. Put sparklers out by dropping them into water.

18. Move any pets out of the garden, put them indoors away from any noise or flashes.

19. Make sure everyone is kept at a distance.

20. Light fireworks at arm's length, never stand over fireworks.

Following all safety guidelines, including minimum distances and carefully following the instructions on each firework will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable fireworks display with fireworks shops high-quality fireworks.