What is pyro?

Pyro is the Greek name for fire and fireworks, or consumer pyrotechnics, have evolved today into one of the most beautiful and exciting spectacles for both large scale and local events. The Fireworks Shop serves customers locally and nationally and due to the lifelong passion of our proprietor, Wayne Richardson, only the most carefully selected pyrotechnics of quality and effect are available for purchase in our shops.

Technically, the most popular pyrotechnic effects depend on the number of star pellets inside a spherical aerial shell, which is composed of a shell leader, a ring of stars, with a burst charge heart encased in the centre. The complete shell has a time fuse and a lift charge and the charge is firecracker-like.

Although consumer fireworks are considered a low level hazard, care should always be taken by the pyro technician in charge of any event. Simple common sense, such as following instructions and providing a bucket of sand or water for used fireworks or sparklers will help to ensure the safety of those who attend and will make your event memorable for all the right reasons.

Videos of all the pyrotechnics available for purchase instantly from The Fireworks Shop makes selecting the correct colours and firework design effects that much easier. Fire artists can find everything they need to colour their night sky canvas.

Of course, some colours are more difficult to achieve then others due to their chemical composition. Blue, for example, is still the pyro wizard's philosopher's stone. But some blue shades are possible today and reds, greens, orange and whites are very easy to find.

Fireworks display packages are available for those who prefer expert selections ready-made for a variety of occasions, such as weddings, festivals and even small garden events. You may decided on a Mars Ballistic Box if you want your party to go with a bang in the sky, for example, while on the ground, the whizzed eye of the Fiery Eyed Catherine Wheel may suit. What is Pyro? In fireworks, all the sparkling explosions of a dream. Purchase your pallet of pyro from The Fireworks Shop online.