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    Christmas New Year 2021

    Christmas & New Year Shop Opening Times 24th December 10 am - 4 pm Christmas day Closed Boxing Day Closed 27th December 10 am - 4 pm 28th December 10 am - 4 pm 29th December 10 am - 4 pm 30th December 10 am - 5 pm New Year's Eve 9 am - 7pm New Years Day Closed Last...

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    Christmas 2020 Deliveries and Shop Opening Times

    Christmas Deliveries and shop opening Times Last day for online delivery orders December 27th All online orders placed up to and including the 27th December will be guaranteed delivery by the 31st December. Our own drivers will deliver your order, and we will send you a text with your delivery date and time, which you can track on the day...
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    Shop Opening Times November 2020

    TUESDAY 3RD NOVEMBER 9AM-9PM WEDNESDAY 4TH NOVEMBER 9AM -9PM THURSDAY 5TH NOVEMBER 9am-9pm Click and Collect Friday 6th November 9am-6pm Click and Collect Saturday 7th November 9am-6pm Click and Collect Online Orders national deliveries All online orders will not be affected by the Government's announcement - it's business as usual. Shop Click and Collect Thursday 5th November the shop will...
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    Looking good for 2019

    China Visit 2018 -2019 I flew out from Manchester to China on 23 November 2018 with Celtic Fireworks. I landed in Changsha after a 14 hour journey and, having only been in the country 2 hours, it was off to the first demo - no time to waste! Cameras out and 80 new potential products to film, mainly Cat 4...
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    New products 2018

    So, with Bonfire Night fast approaching, we have new products arriving daily. If you check out  New for 2018  we already have 50 new products for 2018 and are updating daily on the website. As well as this, we have over 200 existing lines - we can say there is no other fireworks website in the UK with this range of products...
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    Summer opening times

    Monday - Saturday 10am - 4pm
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    9-00AM - 8.30PM
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    Fireworks Review Night - 22nd September 2017!

    For our first time, we'll be holding a fireworks review night on Friday 22 September 2017 at Bamber Bridge Football Club. Here you'll be able to see a selection of our in-store products for free. All you have to do is give a rating on each firework using a sheet we'll provide on the night. It'll be a great night...
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    The bigger the better? – Fireworks shop TOP 5 big rockets.

    Rockets, your stereotypical firework. Nothing says bonfire night more than some big rockets soaring into the sky. You don’t need to be an aerospace engineer to fire these either. Usually consisting of one single break they’re short however spectacular can sometimes be an understatement. With rockets big enough to look like you have your own military surplus neighbours will be...
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    Stay Alert - Don't get hurt - Fireworks Safety

    We can easily get engrossed in the fun and excitement of fireworks and unintentionally have less regard for the correct safety procedures that are required. After all, they’re no toy. Think of them more like a box of gunpowder wrapped in pretty colours and pictures. Despite being told about the correct safety techniques, some people still don’t listen. It’s this...

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