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  • Looking good for 2019

    China Visit 2018 -2019

    I flew out from Manchester to China on 23 November 2018 with Celtic Fireworks. I landed in Changsha after a 14 hour journey and, having only been in the country 2 hours, it was off to the first demo - no time to waste! Cameras out and 80 new potential products to film, mainly Cat 4 and Retail. Next day, an early start and off to the Celtic office to review last night’s new products with Chris and Jonathan. We thoroughly reviewed and considered each product, whittling them down to the favourites. This pattern continued for 5 days and nights and in the end over 900 products were viewed. This was a successful trip.

    Following this, 14 January 2019 and a 12,000 mile round trip – I flew out again to Changsha with Celtic Fireworks for a 7 day trip. This time we were back to review the products we had narrowed down from November’s trip - yet more factory demonstrations. Success! 120 new lines added - 40 Retail and 80 Cat 4 Professional fireworks. The new retail lines will be added in due course. Don’t forget, I am the only retailer in the UK that sees these products before any others - so a big bonus for you guys. Knowledge is strength, so the saying goes! And don’t forget, we are the UK’s largest stockist of Celtic retail fireworks.

    Our work, however, is never done – 4 February 2019 and it’s Fireworks Shop annual spring fair trip to NEC Birmingham. The likes of Absolute fireworks, Brothers Pyrotechnics, Jonathan’s fireworks and Black Cat fireworks all exhibit here showing their new products for 2019. It’s always great to catch up with importers and discuss the coming seasons new offerings.

    Valencia Trip 2019

    And then, 14 March 2019 and Fireworks Shop annual visit to Valencia. This is where I meet up with all my Pyro friends in the trade, relax a bit, and watch the daily displays in and around the city. For those of you that haven’t been to Las Fallas de Valencia, it’s an absolute must in the pyro calendar. An amazing city with lots to do and see, including the intense Mascleta in the main square, fired every day at 2pm during the festival, and then the spectacular evening firework displays down by the riverbed. During this visit, I was fortunate enough to be invited by Europla, one of Europe’s biggest manufacturers of fireworks, to look at potential new products - a really great demo showcasing Cat 4 products for professional displays.

    Looking Good  for 2019

    So far so good this year – it is definitely a year to watch out for some great new products. There are exciting times ahead so watch out on Fireworks Shop website ‘New for 2019’ as we will be adding new fireworks every week, keeping you up-to-date. Remember, if you see it here, there’s only one thing you need to know…. it’s the best because we’ve seen it and tried it.

  • New products 2018

    So, with Bonfire Night fast approaching, we have new products arriving daily. If you check out  New for 2018  we already have 50 new products for 2018 and are updating daily on the website. As well as this, we have over 200 existing lines - we can say there is no other fireworks website in the UK with this range of products. We are now the largest supplier in the UK of Celtic retail products and the official supplier of the Klasek Signature range in the North West. We also have many other quality brands including Jorge, Brothers, Absolute, Tie-Pan and Primed. And last but not least, our very own brand Gold Label Pro FX. This year we have brought in seven new products under this label, only available at Fireworks Shop, including large barrages, compound barrages and barrage packs, one of them being The Perfect Ten Pro FX barrage pack. This pack includes 10 cakes ranging from 10 to 49 shots 25mm-30mm tube size - this will be our number one best selling barrage pack of 2018 at Fireworks Shop. We are proud to say we are one of the UK's leading fireworks shop for quality products at the most competitive prices guaranteed. Some firework retailers like to call themselves a firework shop but there's only one, so check us out and see why we are the number one firework shop.

  • Summer opening times

    Monday - Saturday 10am - 4pm


    9-00AM - 8.30PM

  • Fireworks Review Night - 22nd September 2017!

    For our first time, we'll be holding a fireworks review night on Friday 22 September 2017 at Bamber Bridge Football Club. Here you'll be able to see a selection of our in-store products for free. All you have to do is give a rating on each firework using a sheet we'll provide on the night. It'll be a great night and you'll be able to see our products before Bonfire Night. Refreshments will be available on the night to buy from the venue. To finish the night off with a bang, we'll be having a fabulous fireworks display!

    What we need you to do: If you would like to come along and enjoy a free night of fireworks, please email fireworksshopuk@gmail.com and let us know your name and approximate number of guests joining you - children are welcome but must be supervised. 

    Date: Friday 22 September 2017

    Time: Arrive from 7:00pm with fireworks to be lit at around 7:30pm and lasting approximately 1 hour

    Location: Bamber Bridge Football Club, Bamber Bridge, Preston PR5 6UU



    If you have any queries or you're struggling to find the location, please call Wayne on 07966 040315 or Nicola on 07528 707978.

  • The bigger the better? – Fireworks shop TOP 5 big rockets.

    Rockets, your stereotypical firework. Nothing says bonfire night more than some big rockets soaring into the sky.

    You don’t need to be an aerospace engineer to fire these either. Usually consisting of one single break they’re short however spectacular can sometimes be an understatement. With rockets big enough to look like you have your own military surplus neighbours will be thinking North Korea has let off a few missiles overhead when the rockets go off! So to save you time scouring for rockets, we’ve created our favourite top 5 biggest and best rockets at fireworks shop!

    Top 5 big rockets

    • Messenger – Don’t shoot the messenger the saying goes however it’ll be irresistible not to light this rocket into the sky. By Celtic the messenger is a large 4 inch ball head rocket (similar to the size of an Olympic shot put). Now imagine that packed with gunpowder, that’s what gives the messenger its massive golden brocade that dominates the sky. And if you’re feeling creative write a little message on the paper wrapped ball head to send it off with a bang.



    • King – What says power more than a king himself and that’s exactly where this big rocket gets its name from also, its sheer power! By Brothers the king rocket has an impressive display from its 3 inch head with a large brocade that trails the sky. Defiantly a nice rocket to have.


    • Supernova – Where’s Oasis to sing about this supernova. Like a supernova itself this rocket pack has a titanic explosion. By primed pyro Supernova rockets come in a pack of two. With a rocket filled with 180g of powder it’s the biggest of its class. Both big rockets have individual effects one being a huge strobing rocket that has strobes that fall nearly to the fall and then there’s the large silver brocade that’s equally as impressive this rocket pack isn’t for the faint hearted!



    • War Hawks – At fireworks shop we can’t credit these rockets enough. Although one of the smallest on the list war hawks aren’t a force to be reckoned with. That’s why they’re one of our shops bestselling firework. Coming in a pack of 5 war hawks break lower than most rockets. Nonetheless this only amplifies the visual size of the break even more making you feel like you’re in a war zone! Each individual rocket has a different effect so there’s no way of getting bored of these.


    • Pulsar – Looking for a big rockets look no further. The sister pack to supernova rockets, pulsar. Well loaded with 180g of powder these rockets come in a pack of two by primed pyrotechnics! Though big this rocket pack is different to your usual rockets. One rocket has a lovely red crossette break with a time rain centre. The other rocket is even more unusual, lets just say love is in the air here. This rocket breaks into a large red heart in the sky a great effect perfect for any home displays.
  • Stay Alert - Don't get hurt - Fireworks Safety

    We can easily get engrossed in the fun and excitement of fireworks and unintentionally have less regard for the correct safety procedures that are required.

    After all, they’re no toy. Think of them more like a box of gunpowder wrapped in pretty colours and pictures. Despite being told about the correct safety techniques, some people still don’t listen. It’s this that causes accidents - not only for themselves, but for others who may get injured too. However, used correctly and safely, you will have a great time, every time. Remember, you can buy fireworks to celebrate any occasion whether it be Bonfire Night, Diwali, New Year’s Eve. Just follow these simple steps to make it fun and safe; after all, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a bang!

    • 18+ only – Only persons over the age of 18 can buy, handle and light fireworks. Not only is this for the safety of younger children, but it’s a compulsory law and this is strongly enforced within our shop and online. You can be fined up to £5,000 and imprisoned for up to 6 months for using fireworks illegally. You could also get an on-the-spot fine of £90. Definitely not a risk you want to take.
    • Plan your own display – Before you come to buy fireworks, you should make sure that where you intend to light your fireworks is safe. This includes no trees overhanging where the fireworks will be lit, otherwise they’ll hit the trees above. And make sure you know the distance between where your firework(s) will be placed and where your spectators will be. We have multiple fireworks for different spaces - some for smaller 8 metres gardens to those larger 25 + metres spaces.
    • Read the instructions – Fireworks have safety information printed on them which must be followed. This includes the best way to store your firework safely, the appropriate firing distance, how to secure your firework, and location of the fuse is to light the firework.
    • Secure your fireworks – Securing your fireworks is crucial. As the firework is firing it is getting lighter with each shot and more unstable; this makes them more prone to falling over. So before lighting any firework, ensure it is stable on a flat surface and won’t fall over. When we light fireworks, we prefer to place wooden stakes in the ground, either side of the firework, and then wrap duct tape around to secure the stakes to the firework, but always making sure the fuse is visible. Some fireworks recommend being partially buried and this is indicated by a bury line on the packaging. When doing this, we choose to place a carrier bag or clingfilm around the base so the fuse underneath doesn’t get damp.
    • Keep away from any source of heat – When storing your fireworks you must ensure they are kept away from heat / open flames / hot surfaces / sparks - this includes cigarettes. All it takes is a spark from the ash and your firework can light!
    • Lighting the firework – Light the firework at arm’s length and don’t ever put your head over the item in case the firework unexpectedly goes off. Once the firework is lit, there’s no need to run away. Running could lead to you falling over, especially when it’s dark outside. Instead, walk away at a reasonable pace. The fuse on fireworks allows approximately 7 seconds before the firework starts, giving you plenty of time to get to a safe viewing distance. If anything, once you've planned where your firework(s) will be, practice the path you will take retiring from the firework.
    • Don’t return – A mistake people make is that they’ll immediately return to a firework when it hasn't fired after being lit. You shouldn’t return to a firework for a good 5-10 minutes after it’s been lit. It you return straight away, there's a chance it may have been a slow fuse and then, bang, it’s gone off! There’s no need to rush, the firework won’t vanish. But if there is a fault with your firework, we can replace it as long as you have taken good care of the firework beforehand. You should also wait after your firework has finished just in case there’s a tube that hasn’t fired. Better safe than sorry!
    • Don’t pocket fireworks – Do not, under any circumstances, place fireworks in your pocket no matter their size.
    • Sparklers – They may be fun for children but they’re also dangerous. It is recommended that no-one under 5 years should hold a sparkler. When holding a sparkler you should hold the metal handle at the bottom and have your arm extended outwards. Don’t wave sparklers near people, the last thing they need is to be hit by a very hot metal stick! Once you’ve finished with a sparkler, immediately place them in a cold bucket of water for safe disposal.
    • Have fun – Finally, have fun and enjoy fireworks with your family and friends. Just remember to follow all safety tips. Providing you’re safe and sensible, fireworks are exciting and you will have a fabulous time.
  • Cheap Fireworks - Fireworks Shop Top 10

    We all have a spark of youth inside us no matter how old we get - it’s the reason we enjoy fireworks so much. The anticipation of lighting fireworks, followed by the exhilaration when the firework goes off, really is an exuberant moment. However, finding that disposable income to spend money on fireworks can be a chore. You’re trying to save up some money, but the urge to buy fireworks is strong.

    That’s why at Fireworks Shop we’ve made a list of our favourite cheap fireworks that will definitely bring the same great satisfaction without breaking the bank!

    The very best in Cheap Fireworks - ALL TIME Top 10

    1. Bite Me – This cake, as well as its counterpart Beijing Blitz, is one of the shops bestselling cheap fireworks, yet the visual affects you get are spectacular for a small barrage. With a total of 36 shots and lasting approximately 30 seconds, this little box of tricks really packs a punch. Effects consist of red and green willows to crackling. This firework sure has a bite!

    1. Flash Harry – A great small barrage by Celtic fireworks. This firework consists of 16 shots of blue, red and green peony bursts to strobe glitter effect and lasts approximately 30 seconds. Don’t be fooled by the small size, Flash Harry is ideal for any garden display.

      1. Storm – It sure does seem like a storm when this cake is firing - the power is unbelievable. With 16 red tails to silver chrysanthemum crackles, and lasting approximately 30 seconds, Storm definitely needs to be on your list to buy.

        1. Tequila Sunrise – Tequila it makes me happy and so should this firework too! Also by Celtic, this beautiful firework leaves the sky shimmering like stars with 16 shots of strobing peony bursts over approximately 25 seconds. Where’s Van Gogh to paint this starry night!

        1. Fusion Trail – Exceeding heights like no other, this impressive cake by Celtic has 19 shots of coloured palms with strobe glitter tips streaking the night sky. A piece worthy of being a great display firework, with a duration of approximately 30 seconds, Fusion Trail can’t be forgotten.

        1. Proton Bomb Extreme – With a name soundings like a missile war head, you can be sure to expect loud deafening noise with huge breaks. The 16 shots of white willows, over approximately 25 seconds, is just pure power. Such excellent cheap fireworks by Bright Star are what makes our customers happy and come back for more!

        1. War Hawks – When it comes to buying cheap fireworks they don’t get much better than this. War Hawks, from Bright Star, are by far the bestselling rockets in our shop and are continuing to fly out! The breaks on them are mind blowing. We can’t praise these rockets enough and our customer reviews say it all. Five rockets in a pack make them excellent value for money - War Hawks are definitely on another level!

        1. AfterglowCheap fireworks don't come as good as this. The biggest firework on the list and boy does it show. Being the 'little brother' to Oceanic, Afterglow fires 25 shots lasting approximately 30 seconds and consists of massive gold brocade crowns that fill the sky. A great barrage with stunning visual effects.

        1. Glacier Rising – Rise? It sure does! Reaching approximately 6 metres in height, Glacier Rising is guaranteed to dwarf you with a lovely golden shower. Lasting approximately 90 seconds, this Celtic fountain adds great variety to your fireworks fun and a great addition to any display.

        1. Vader – What goes up must come down, however the only thing to be falling hard is your jaw when you realise how good these small garden rockets really are. A great cheap fireworks rocket pack consisting of five pieces with some lovely colours and flower effects. Vader rockets are particularly great if you're restricted on space.

  • Biggest fireworks - Fireworks Shop Top 5

    A firework is one of those transient pleasures in life that give a short buzz of excitement. With the loud bangs, flashes in the sky and the oddly satisfying smell of gunpowder in the air, what’s more to love?! We often have people coming into our retail shop or contacting us to ask what’s the best firework we have in. This is difficult because all our products excel in their own category. But we’ve created the top 5 biggest fireworks in the shop that are our personal favourites and what we believe our customers will thoroughly enjoy.

    Top 5 Biggest Fireworks:

    1. Dum Bum – If you’re looking for pure noise then look no further. Dum Bum is definitely the serpent under the flower! It is one of the smallest fireworks on the list, but 25 shots of pure titanium salutes makes Dum Bum the loudest retail firework in the UK. Lasting approximately 30 seconds, this piece can rattle your ribcage and certainly set off car alarms!

    1. Fireworks Show 200 – This piece by Klasek is the biggest firework we have. Weighing in at roughly 40kg this is similar to the average weight of an 11-12 year old child! It is the largest CE consumer compound firework to hit the UK mainland. As suggested by the name, there’s 200 shots which last approximately 2 minutes and 20 seconds. With huge breaks and a variety of effects, from crackling palm to coloured peony, this firework is a full display in itself!

    1. Big Daddy – One of the bestselling large barrages in our shop, Big Daddy by Celtic is spectacular. With 98 shots over a period of roughly 60 seconds, Big Daddy is a high impact, breath-taking firework and is a very popular piece for displays. With fanned effects covering the sky what more could you want from one of Celtics biggest fireworks!>

    1. Big Mamma – Another one of our biggest fireworks, Big Mamma is the sister product to Big Daddy. It may not be as intense, however this firework makes up for it with 128 shots over a longer duration of 80 seconds. Big Mamma really is an exceptional firework. With effects such as fanned golden crowns and beautiful red strobes that light up the sky in colour, Big Mamma is a superb visual firework.

    1. Hell – The name says it all really, this firework is a beast! One of the biggest fireworks by Klasek, Hell last’s approximately 60 seconds with 134 shots of power. This devil of a firework has stunning colours and a multitude of effects - varied, full on and spectacular, is there anything else a firework needs! Ending with a volley of titanium salutes, Hell is a loud firework that’s sure to rattle the house windows!

  • Quiet Fireworks - Fireworks Shop Top 10 List

    Quiet Fireworks

    Quiet fireworks, really? People generally presume fireworks are only loud and have bright sudden flashes, however this isn’t always the case. Loud isn’t always better. Quiet fireworks optimise the effects of fireworks and can make displays look much more creative and unique. Not only that, fireworks can be stressful to some pets, so it can be hard to balance the fun and thrill of fireworks while making sure your pet isn’t frightened and scared.

    Here at Fireworks Shop we stock a large variety of quiet fireworks that still offer the same value for money and great entertainment. That’s why we’ve put together our favourite top 10 quiet fireworks that are not only perfect for any pet owners, but also those looking to add variation to their fireworks display.

    Colourful Crossettes

    This is a stunningly quiet firework by Celtic consisting of 25 shots and lasting approximately 30 seconds. The large crossettes are extremely colourful with beautiful reds and greens, allowing it to be very effective on its own or as part of a quiet fireworks display.

    Devils Delight

    With a name sounding like a wicked creature, the last thing you would expect to hear and see are small bangs and pretty colours. Yet this is an awesome 105 shot single ignition barrage (SIB) by Fireworks International. Devils Delight consists of strobing waterfalls, tourbillions and colourful comets. Such beautiful effects, along with a duration of approximately 90 seconds, makes this an ideal low noise piece for a quiet fireworks display.

    Slow then go

    As the name suggests, it starts off slow then...all of a sudden...go! By Celtic, Slow Then Go is a 60 shot fan barrage which lasts approximately 30 seconds. With large crackling comets to red crossettes, this piece is definitely sky filling; it is so impressive it makes many an appearance in our own professional firework displays!

    Snow Blizzard

    From Planet, Snow Blizzard has blindingly white strobe waterfalls partnered with a white mine. This 50 shot cake lasts approximately 30 seconds and the combined ground and sky effects make Snow Blizzard a unique firework. It is perfect for pet owners wanting to buy fireworks as there’s virtually no noise, and for those wanting variation in a larger display to slow it down slightly.

    WAP, BAM and BOOGIE candles

    These 56 shot roman candles from Celtic are definitely a favourite of ours. Three separate roman candles, three different effects. WAP candle leaves lovely silver streaks in the sky, BAM has golden spinning tails to a golden crackle, and BOOGIE has golden spinning tails to a red and blue crackle. Professional looking pieces great for any display.


    Arctic Burst

    Once again another astonishing piece by Celtic. This 35 shot fan cake is remarkably good. With a mix of blue tails to silver tourbillions and blue tails to blue chrysanthemums, this firework is a great contender in the low noise firework category.

    Virtual Vortex

    The smallest firework on the list with just 16 shots and lasting approximately 25 seconds. However, it’s not one to be missed. Being one of our best sellers, Virtual Vortex has silver spinning tourbillions throughout and is perfect for a small 8+ metre garden. A real treat for a great price!

    Glacier Rising Fountain

    An astonishing Celtic fountain with a great duration of 100 seconds. Reaching a whopping 6 metres high, this fountain will make you feel small!

    Twinkle Toes

    This quiet firework is bound to leave you with a gasped jaw! Twinkle Toes fires 30 shots - 10 sets of 3 firing in a fan effect. These low noise, deep gold comets and red strobe glittering tails with blue mine will dwarf nearby houses. If you’re looking to buy a firework that dominate the sky, this is definitely the piece for you.

    Chemical Romance

    It’s love at first sight with this Celtic firework that lasts approximately 30 seconds. A superb yet relatively quiet fan effect firework. It has 30 outstanding shots of gold coloured tip comets with mine effect to large crossettes. It’s hard to appreciate the height of this piece until you see it in the flesh - breathtaking. It is a must for any fireworks display and one to make your neighbour envious!

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