Top 5 fireworks displays in the world

There’s more to a truly great firework display than just setting off a large amount of fireworks; we here at Fireworks Shop UK know this and know it well. So if you’re stuck for ideas for your next display, or just want a quick peek at how the best in the world do it, let us guide you through five of the best fireworks shows the world has ever seen.

1. Bompass & Parr - London, 2013

Bompass & Parr (can you imagine a more quintessentially English name?) are creators of ‘fine English jellies’ and ‘spectacular culinary events’, but for New Year's Eve 2013, they turned their attentions to fireworks. Using balloons and fireworks filled with special scents, the team matched firework colours to smells and edible packages that were wafted, launched and dropped over the audience (red fireworks were accompanied by the smell of strawberries, for example), for a truly unique experience.

2. Big Bay Boom - San Diego, 2012

Alright, so this one is a bit different and not technically a great fireworks show but more of a failure; it was certainly unique though, so we’re going to run with it. In 2012, the computer running the launch of the annual Big Bay Boom 4th of July fireworks show in San Diego malfunctioned, simultaneously launching over 7,000 fireworks (that’s a 15 minute show's worth) in less than 20 seconds. The resulting boom deafened spectators, rattled windows and set off car alarms several miles away. Although a total failure in terms of a traditional firework show, the Big Boom certainly lived up to its name and made for an impressive spectacle.

3. Golden Gate Bridge 75th anniversary - San Francisco, 2012

Syncing fireworks to music is a difficult, but rewarding, task and one that was pulled off with aplomb by the team behind the display for the 75th of anniversary of the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge. For such an iconic building, a truly spectacular show was needed and this did not disappoint.

4. Burj Khalifa - Dubai, 2010-Present

What better place to hold one of the world's most awe-inspiring fireworks displays than its tallest building? With launchers scaling up and down the side of the 830m building, the Burj is almost coated in fireworks during the peak of the show and makes for one of the globe's most amazing sights, throughout the 15 minute display.

5. National Day - Singapore, 9th August every year

Singapore’s National Day, celebrating the country's independence from Malaysia, is the culmination of several days of festivities and ends in truly awesome series of fireworks shows split over several nights, all to the backdrop of the world famous, and thoroughly modern, Singapore skyline. Fantastic!

If you’ve been inspired to try your own hand at a brilliant firework display, or you’re an experienced practitioner who’s picked up some tips from displays around the world, head on down to Fireworks Store UK to sample our huge range of fireworks and accessories, or just browse our online store to see the kind of fireworks we can deliver to you.