We all have a spark of youth inside us no matter how old we get - it’s the reason we enjoy fireworks so much. The anticipation of lighting fireworks, followed by the exhilaration when the firework goes off, really is an exuberant moment. However, finding that disposable income to spend money on fireworks can be a chore. You’re trying to save up some money, but the urge to buy fireworks is strong.

That’s why at Fireworks Shop we’ve made a list of our favourite cheap fireworks that will definitely bring the same great satisfaction without breaking the bank!

The very best in Cheap Fireworks - ALL TIME Top 10

  1. Bite Me – This cake, as well as its counterpart Beijing Blitz, is one of the shops bestselling cheap fireworks, yet the visual affects you get are spectacular for a small barrage. With a total of 36 shots and lasting approximately 30 seconds, this little box of tricks really packs a punch. Effects consist of red and green willows to crackling. This firework sure has a bite!

  1. Flash Harry – A great small barrage by Celtic fireworks. This firework consists of 16 shots of blue, red and green peony bursts to strobe glitter effect and lasts approximately 30 seconds. Don’t be fooled by the small size, Flash Harry is ideal for any garden display.

    1. Storm – It sure does seem like a storm when this cake is firing - the power is unbelievable. With 16 red tails to silver chrysanthemum crackles, and lasting approximately 30 seconds, Storm definitely needs to be on your list to buy.

      1. Tequila Sunrise – Tequila it makes me happy and so should this firework too! Also by Celtic, this beautiful firework leaves the sky shimmering like stars with 16 shots of strobing peony bursts over approximately 25 seconds. Where’s Van Gogh to paint this starry night!

      1. Fusion Trail – Exceeding heights like no other, this impressive cake by Celtic has 19 shots of coloured palms with strobe glitter tips streaking the night sky. A piece worthy of being a great display firework, with a duration of approximately 30 seconds, Fusion Trail can’t be forgotten.

      1. Proton Bomb Extreme – With a name soundings like a missile war head, you can be sure to expect loud deafening noise with huge breaks. The 16 shots of white willows, over approximately 25 seconds, is just pure power. Such excellent cheap fireworks by Bright Star are what makes our customers happy and come back for more!

      1. War Hawks – When it comes to buying cheap fireworks they don’t get much better than this. War Hawks, from Bright Star, are by far the bestselling rockets in our shop and are continuing to fly out! The breaks on them are mind blowing. We can’t praise these rockets enough and our customer reviews say it all. Five rockets in a pack make them excellent value for money - War Hawks are definitely on another level!

      1. AfterglowCheap fireworks don't come as good as this. The biggest firework on the list and boy does it show. Being the 'little brother' to Oceanic, Afterglow fires 25 shots lasting approximately 30 seconds and consists of massive gold brocade crowns that fill the sky. A great barrage with stunning visual effects.

      1. Glacier Rising – Rise? It sure does! Reaching approximately 6 metres in height, Glacier Rising is guaranteed to dwarf you with a lovely golden shower. Lasting approximately 90 seconds, this Celtic fountain adds great variety to your fireworks fun and a great addition to any display.

      1. Vader – What goes up must come down, however the only thing to be falling hard is your jaw when you realise how good these small garden rockets really are. A great cheap fireworks rocket pack consisting of five pieces with some lovely colours and flower effects. Vader rockets are particularly great if you're restricted on space.