A firework is one of those transient pleasures in life that give a short buzz of excitement. With the loud bangs, flashes in the sky and the oddly satisfying smell of gunpowder in the air, what’s more to love?! We often have people coming into our retail shop or contacting us to ask what’s the best firework we have in. This is difficult because all our products excel in their own category. But we’ve created the top 5 biggest fireworks in the shop that are our personal favourites and what we believe our customers will thoroughly enjoy.

Top 5 Biggest Fireworks:

  1. Dum Bum – If you’re looking for pure noise then look no further. Dum Bum is definitely the serpent under the flower! It is one of the smallest fireworks on the list, but 25 shots of pure titanium salutes makes Dum Bum the loudest retail firework in the UK. Lasting approximately 30 seconds, this piece can rattle your ribcage and certainly set off car alarms!

  1. Fireworks Show 200 – This piece by Klasek is the biggest firework we have. Weighing in at roughly 40kg this is similar to the average weight of an 11-12 year old child! It is the largest CE consumer compound firework to hit the UK mainland. As suggested by the name, there’s 200 shots which last approximately 2 minutes and 20 seconds. With huge breaks and a variety of effects, from crackling palm to coloured peony, this firework is a full display in itself!

  1. Big Daddy – One of the bestselling large barrages in our shop, Big Daddy by Celtic is spectacular. With 98 shots over a period of roughly 60 seconds, Big Daddy is a high impact, breath-taking firework and is a very popular piece for displays. With fanned effects covering the sky what more could you want from one of Celtics biggest fireworks!>

  1. Big Mamma – Another one of our biggest fireworks, Big Mamma is the sister product to Big Daddy. It may not be as intense, however this firework makes up for it with 128 shots over a longer duration of 80 seconds. Big Mamma really is an exceptional firework. With effects such as fanned golden crowns and beautiful red strobes that light up the sky in colour, Big Mamma is a superb visual firework.

  1. Hell – The name says it all really, this firework is a beast! One of the biggest fireworks by Klasek, Hell last’s approximately 60 seconds with 134 shots of power. This devil of a firework has stunning colours and a multitude of effects - varied, full on and spectacular, is there anything else a firework needs! Ending with a volley of titanium salutes, Hell is a loud firework that’s sure to rattle the house windows!