Rockets, your stereotypical firework. Nothing says bonfire night more than some big rockets soaring into the sky.

You don’t need to be an aerospace engineer to fire these either. Usually consisting of one single break they’re short however spectacular can sometimes be an understatement. With rockets big enough to look like you have your own military surplus neighbours will be thinking North Korea has let off a few missiles overhead when the rockets go off! So to save you time scouring for rockets, we’ve created our favourite top 5 biggest and best rockets at fireworks shop!

Top 5 big rockets

  • Messenger – Don’t shoot the messenger the saying goes however it’ll be irresistible not to light this rocket into the sky. By Celtic the messenger is a large 4 inch ball head rocket (similar to the size of an Olympic shot put). Now imagine that packed with gunpowder, that’s what gives the messenger its massive golden brocade that dominates the sky. And if you’re feeling creative write a little message on the paper wrapped ball head to send it off with a bang.



  • King – What says power more than a king himself and that’s exactly where this big rocket gets its name from also, its sheer power! By Brothers the king rocket has an impressive display from its 3 inch head with a large brocade that trails the sky. Defiantly a nice rocket to have.


  • Supernova – Where’s Oasis to sing about this supernova. Like a supernova itself this rocket pack has a titanic explosion. By primed pyro Supernova rockets come in a pack of two. With a rocket filled with 180g of powder it’s the biggest of its class. Both big rockets have individual effects one being a huge strobing rocket that has strobes that fall nearly to the fall and then there’s the large silver brocade that’s equally as impressive this rocket pack isn’t for the faint hearted!



  • War Hawks – At fireworks shop we can’t credit these rockets enough. Although one of the smallest on the list war hawks aren’t a force to be reckoned with. That’s why they’re one of our shops bestselling firework. Coming in a pack of 5 war hawks break lower than most rockets. Nonetheless this only amplifies the visual size of the break even more making you feel like you’re in a war zone! Each individual rocket has a different effect so there’s no way of getting bored of these.


  • Pulsar – Looking for a big rockets look no further. The sister pack to supernova rockets, pulsar. Well loaded with 180g of powder these rockets come in a pack of two by primed pyrotechnics! Though big this rocket pack is different to your usual rockets. One rocket has a lovely red crossette break with a time rain centre. The other rocket is even more unusual, lets just say love is in the air here. This rocket breaks into a large red heart in the sky a great effect perfect for any home displays.