As November draws nearer and excitement grows about Guy Fawkes Night celebrations, many families will be planning to attend organised fireworks displays to mark the occasion

Public displays are often perceived to be preferable to a private fireworks party in the seclusion of your own garden, but in fact DIY fireworks kits, such as those available from the Fireworks Shop, offer a number of advantages that could help to make your 5th November celebration more personal and memorable than any organised display.

If you’re undecided whether to hold your own fireworks celebration this year or to head to an organised display, here's a selection of reasons why a DIY firework kit in your own back garden will create an occasion to remember:

A more personal occasion

When you attend a public display, you end up rubbing shoulders with complete strangers, with potentially thousands of people in attendance. Yet you may hark back to the days of your childhood when you enjoyed a box of simple garden fireworks with only your closest family and friends, remembering such occasions with a sense of nostalgia. By choosing a DIY firework kit from the Fireworks Shop, you can invite only selected guests to the comfort of your own home to enjoy a glittering Guy Fawkes lights show!

A stunning display in your own home

Fireworks in your back garden with family and friends need not mean uninspiring or drab pyrotechnics that are instantly forgettable. A DIY fireworks kit will include all the fireworks you need for a dazzling display that will keep the kids entertained while giving the organised display a run for its money! With a variety of DIY firework kits available to cater for every party, you can be confident that your spectacle will be as delightful as a public display.

A cost-effective alternative

The entry fees at public displays are increasing year on year, especially by the time you add in all the extras such as food and drink to mark the occasion. With a DIY fireworks kit, you can enjoy fantastic pyrotechnics for an affordable price that will meet every budget which, combined with great party food and drink, will make the evening one to remember!

Remember, remember… the weather

Finally, one huge disadvantage of a public display is the inability to time it to occur with a rain-free, fogless night. With a DIY fireworks kit, you can be certain of holding your own Guy Fawkes party when the weather is ideal for a dazzling show in the night sky.

So, with November approaching, the only action you need to take is to browse the selection of DIY firework kits available at the Fireworks Shop, before sending out the invitations to family and friends for a Guy Fawkes Night to remember.