Blackpool Rockets

This September, there'll be more to Blackpool Promenade than the world-famous illuminations.

Each Friday, from the 11th September, the skies of Blackpool will be ignited with awe-inspiring firework displays as part of the annual World Firework Championships.

The Blackpool seafront will host the best international pyrotechnic teams, who are to compete in an aerial extravaganza of light, music and explosions. The spectacle attracts and entertains thousands of visitors along the beachfront, and can be seen along the Fylde coast, with viewings reported as far away as Cleveleys.

2014 saw competitors from Sweden, Austria and Canada battle it out across the skies to be crowned the Blackpool World Firework Champion, and this year will see Niagara-based Firemaster Productions, from Canada, defend their title.

As a team who were involved in the opening ceremony production of the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010, Firemaster have set an extremely high standard by carefully choreographing their displays with contemporary and emotive music to truly wow an audience.

Swedish entrants Linders Pyrotechnics and Lukasser Design Fireworks from Austria, will come out fighting, in a dynamic and dazzling match above the iconic skyline of Blackpool. With the experience and tradition behind Linders Pyrotechnics vying against Lukasser Production’s trademark epic, cinematic-scale productions, the Championship looks to be closely contested and will no doubt result in the delight and enjoyment of visitors to Blackpool and the surrounding areas.

The festival of fireworks draws to a close on the 2nd October with non-competing UK based team, Titanium Fireworks, deploying a visually stunning and evocative exhibition of the premier bursts and flashes in the country.

Titanium Fireworks are the brains behind the jaw-dropping New Year and Hogmanay celebrations in London and Edinburgh, and the stunning London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, so spectators are guaranteed to see a very special show indeed.

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