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Barrage Fireworks Packs

We have carefully selected Barrage Fireworks in this range to be sold in packs to give you a better idea of what fireworks to combine and use for the same event at a reasonable price giving you value-for-money all year round.

Fantastic Barrage Firework Packs

We only stock the cream of the crop in our Barrage Firework Packs, they are ideal for doing your own firework display. These Barrage packs feature products that complement each other by providing a more varied amount of effects and colours than a Firework Barrage. They make great displays for certain time of the year for all kinds of celebrations.


These Barrage Fireworks make excellent displays for weddings and quite frankly all other celebrations. Fireworks have always been a traditional way of celebrating fireworks all year round marking that very special day!

Barrage Fireworks Collections & Deliveries

We do deliver in the North West area but if you prefer to collect that is fine by us. We are situated in Bamber Bridge, Preston Lancashire and we are open 6 days a week Monday to Saturday, if you prefer to call us and arrange a out of hours collection that is ok as we do cater for this sort of demand.

How to create a good Barrage Fireworks display

These Barrage Fireworks packs do pack a punch for the demanding crowds, you can also add to the display by igniting a barrage one after the other to create a fantastic timed order of a fireworks display.

All our Barrage Fireworks guaranteed to work!

Here at the fireworks shop we regularly test new types of Barrage Fireworks that we stock to ensure that they perform just as well as they look to make sure that they are worthy of the consumers purchase.

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