F2 Ultra Pro Pack by Vivid Pyrotechnics

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F2 Ultra Pro Pack by Vivid Pyrotechnics

This amazing barrage pack brought to you by Vivid Pyrotechnics. Each pack contains 6 quality cakes packed with a combined powder content of 462.7g. Each firework has 20mm bore tubes, all fire 16 shots and all have a 25-second duration. The effects for each cake are ...Cake A - Brocade crown with gold coconut accompanied by a white strobing mine liftCake B - Purple and Green pearls with golden strobing stars accompanied by a red strobing mine liftCake C - Sizzling spiders with ruby red strobing stars accompanied by a brocade mine lift.Cake D - Purple and vibrant Blue stars surrounded by golden chrysanthemum crackle accompanied by a white crackling mine lift.Cake E - Yellow and Purple pearls with Green strobing…

More Information
Category TypeF2
Firing PatternStraight
Hazard Class1.4
Safety Distance8 metres
Tube Size20mm
Noise LevelHigh
Powder Weight462g
Reserve FuseNo
  • Brands: Vivid
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