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£50+ Barrage Fireworks

Warning! you are the danger zone. These Barrage Fireworks are the biggest around as they fire up to 150 shots per barrage. Generally they would be used for firework displays at events. the noise levels are extremely loud!

 Barrage Fireworks for bonfire night?

If you are looking to purchase Barrage Fireworks for special events such as bonfire night & new years eve and you also want to make an impression then you are in the right place! Any of the fireworks in this section suit all types of special occasions as the duration's can last around 110 seconds displaying a fantastic visual for the crowd.


We always try to encourage safety whilst handling barrage Fireworks. if you need advise on using them please feel free to take a look at our F.A.Q. page for correct use of fireworks, you will find information there to help prevent accidents.

We deliver Barrage Fireworks to your home

We deliver Barrage Fireworks anywhere in the Lancashire North west area, we can give you a time and date of when we will deliver so that you can make sure that somebody is of the correct age (18+) is in to sign for the fireworks.

Watch videos before you buy Barrage Fireworks.

At the fireworks shop we know that you the customer would prefer to see the Barrage Fireworks before purchasing so we record them in HD giving you the ultimate preview!

Need help with the Barrage Fireworks?

If the website feels a little daunting or you are not sure what Barrage Fireworks are best suited to the event then you can always call us on 01772 877860 and we will be happy to assist you on more information about fireworks or maybe just to suggest ones that we think would be best for you.

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