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Rocket Fireworks

Welcome to the fireworks shop we sell all types of Rocket Fireworks here, feel free to browse our catalog. We deliver and also have a shop in Preston Lancashire so you can come to collect. Be amazed and release your inner pyrotechnic! whether you are looking to buy fireworks for a special occasion or plain simply just because.

The types of Rocket Fireworks we sell

We sell packs of Rocket Fireworks or individual ones in our catalog that range from £9 to £70 so you are definitely get the party going and start or end your night with a boom!


If we were to recommend any particular Rocket Fireworks it would have to be the King Dom Rocket Pack as the it is a rocket selection pack with some real heavy duty rockets in them, guaranteed to lift the eyebrows on any persons face!

Can I have Rocket Fireworks Delivered to my home?

Yes you can have Rocket Fireworks delivered to your address as long as there is someone who is aged 18 or over as it is illegal to sell the people below this age, Age validation is required upon delivery. We deliver in the North West Lancashire area of a mile  and contact you prior to delivery to let you know when we will be there.

We record our Rocket Fireworks for the web!

One big part of our work is to ensure that we film all of our Rocket Fireworks for the internet and on our website to give customers or people who are interested a real preview of the fireworks being ignited, set up or maybe just some helpful advise for when using them.

Collect Rocket Fireworks from our shop in Preston

You can collect Rocket Fireworks as we have a shop located in Bamber Bridge Preston, we provide advise on all fireworks that we sell.

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