Bill and Ben By Celtic Fireworks

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Bill and Ben


This huge cake which is part of a cracking Twin pack that has been added to the well-known brand of Celtic. This straight firing firework fires 70 shots from 25mm bore tubes which are packed with 875g powder and has a lengthy duration of 108 seconds. The effects start with golden tailed comets breaking into huge golden willows surrounded by strobing stars. Next comes a display of double-fired pearls that erupt into gold stars and strobing red starred dahlias before changing back to huge golden brocades accompanied with strobing stars. This then alternates back to double shot pearls which change into red stars with golden strobing starred dahlias before the build-up to its finale which starts with white and red strobing pearls leading to double shot golden palms tipped with red and green pearls surrounded by chrysanthemum crackle before ending with a multi-shot display of golden sizzling spider palms and shimmering stars. Pair this up with Ben and you will not be disappointed!! Great way to celebrate any occasion or just add to your display for an ariel delight!!.


This huge cake which is part of a cracking twin pack bought to you by the popular Celtic brand. This straight firing piece fires 70 shots from 25mm bore tubes and is packed with 875g of powder with a lengthy duration of 110 seconds. The effects start with dirty golden willows with strobing white tips accompanied by red strobing stars. Next comes a double shot display of red comets that break into huge red tipped palms surrounded by white strobing stars before changing back to dirty golden white tipped willows and strobing stars. Next comes another double shot display of green pearls that break into huge golden palms with red tips and strobing stars. Building up to the finale is a display of red comets bursting into sizzling spider palms accompanied by white strobing stars before a double volley display of green pearls breaking into sizzling spider palms surrounded by red and green pearls and multi coloured strobing stars before a multi shot finale of thick golden brocade palms and strobing stars with a slight chrysanthemum crackle. Pair this up with Bill and you would have an ariel display that will amaze you and your viewing audience!!

More Information
Category TypeF3
Firing PatternStraight
Hazard Class1.3
Safety Distance25 metres
Shots Fired140
Tube Size25mm
Noise LevelHigh
Powder Weight1750g
Reserve FuseNo
  • Brands: Celtic
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