Silent But Deadly Low Noise Firework by Celtic Fireworks

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Celtics biggest low noise compound cake to date. This unbelievable 196 shot cake that has a near 2-minute duration is a visual delight. Firstly a fast paced fanned section of 63 silver spiders assisted by a white star mine lifts, next comes red, green and orange-tipped mine lifts supported by the same effect falling like leaves from above. The following V fired section has purple and green pearls shooting up to a dusty golden horsetail effect with strobing tips followed by multi vibrant coloured falling leaves. Building up to the finale are red comets bursting into silver swimming fish and high-level tri-shaped comet tails, then a finale of crackling spinning comets bursting into silver spinning crackle!! Noise friendly, eye-pleasing, and one hell of a finale!!

More Information
Category TypeF3
Duration115 Seconds
Firing PatternMixed
Hazard Class1.4
Safety Distance25 metres
Shots Fired196
Height25 + Metres
Tube Size20mm
Noise LevelLow
Reserve FuseNo
  • Brands: Celtic
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