Blinking Surprise by Celtic Fireworks

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Blinking Surprise by Celtic Fireworks

Another delightful addition to Celtic's low noise range. This fan-fired piece, the sister to Blinking Magic and also fires 25 shots from 25mm bore tubes and has 337.5g of powder with a duration time of 25 seconds. Fired in volleys of 5, each comet tail is tipped with a bright pink strobing star which in turn changes to a vibrant coloured pearl with a chrysanthemum disco ball effect. The colours on each shot are red blue, pink yellow, and green and are so bright and vibrant they light up the dark sky with ease. An unusual effect which is stunningly beautiful and will bring a delight to your friends and family.

More Information
Category TypeF2
Firing PatternFanned
Hazard Class1.4
Safety Distance15 metres
Shots Fired25
Tube Size25mm
Powder Weight337.5g
Reserve FuseNo
  • Brands: Celtic
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