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£15 - £30 Barrage Fireworks

These Barrages are Larger in size and usually fire around 100 shots, they are used mostly by consumers as they are reasonbly priced which means you get the most from them. For most barrage fireworks some use larger but fewer shots and there is a whole range of them to choose from.

 We only sell the best Barrage Fireworks

Here at the Fireworks Shop we aim to please and we make a point of only stocking the best barrage fireworks, after all we think that loyalty goes a long way these days. We have gained a good reputation oer the years for producing quality and are always testing new types of firewwork barrage to see wether they are efficient and are going to please the audience


These firework barrages are in effect a fireworks display in a box, and once ignited they rapidly build up to a large finale of multiple shots in varied colours and effects with medium to high noise levels. They are also refereed to as Cakes & Single Ignition Fireworks. They are used generally for a catalog of displays at venues, bonfire nights and even someone garden as they are timed as long as the area is safe to ignite them.

Collecting the Barrage Fireworks

You probably know that we do deliver Barrage Fireworks anywhere in the North West but you can also collect at your convenience, our shop is situated in the Bamber Bridge Preston Lancashire area.

Barrage Fireworks Safety

Barrage Fireworks are listed by Category from 1,2,3. CAT 1 are indoor fireworks so they are safe, CAT 2 require spacing of a 5 metre distance. CAT 3 requires 25 Metres of distance, CAT 4 are not available for the public and professional display companies who are qualified are able to handle them.

Age limit for purchasing Barrage Fireworks

The age limit is 18+ for buying Barrage fireworks, for deliveries we require somebody of this required to sign for the fireworks.

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