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Fireworks Blackpool

Fireworks Blackpool

"It's like Blackpool Illuminations in here!" - a phrase we've probably all heard from our parents at some point in our lives. But there's another kind of light show altogether that many people flock to Blackpool to see. The Blackpool World Fireworks Championships puts major countries against each other. It determines who can put on the most spectacular show. Countries including China, France, and Canada compete to take home the trophy. Every year it creates an incredible spectacle that runs through September. If seeing it doesn't inspire you to have your own display, we don't know what will!

In fact, Blackpool has a strong association with fireworks displays. The famous Blackpool Illuminations begins in September. So their first month runs at the same time as the World Fireworks Championships. The competition hasn't been running nearly as long, however. It began in 2006 compared to the Illuminations 19th century beginnings. But many would argue that a visit to Blackpool wouldn't be the same without a pyrotechnic display. When the championships are running, you can even get an incredible view from Blackpool Tower. Their experience gets visitors entry to the tower, views of the displays, and free toys for kids.

Fantastic Fireworks Blackpool

Like the rest of the UK, Bonfire Night is also a fantastic time to see or host fireworks Blackpool. For example, Blackpool Cricket Club holds a display every year. However, no one needs the excuse of a big event to set off some rockets.

Both individuals and businesses celebrate special occasions with fireworks in Blackpool. Many of them might wait until November 5th or New Year's Eve, but others don't see the need. Whether you live in Blackpool, or you're just visiting, you shouldn't pass up on the chance to see a display or even put on your own. A fireworks display is a brilliant way to complement any event, from a wedding to a 50th birthday party. The town has hundreds of incredible venues where you can set up a party. Whether you choose a local sports club or a grand hotel, your special event can only be improved by a magical display of light and sound.

Planning to Party Fireworks Blackpool

If you're planning a party in Blackpool, hosting a fireworks display will make it a memorable occasion. Fireworks are an awesome addition to a wedding, birthday, or anniversary celebration. You don't even need any particular excuse to create a firework display. All you need is a venue, which could be your home, and some friends to enjoy it with. In fact, the friends aren't compulsory. And, of course, you need some top quality fireworks.

Our website makes it easy to order the fireworks you want for your event. You can watch videos of our products in action to help you make your purchasing decision. A few clicks could have your chosen fireworks on their way to you in no time. If you need any help, it's as simple as calling our shop for a friendly chat with one of our trained team members. They can give you any advice you need on creating your display.

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