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Wholesale fireworks available for delivery anywhere in the UK

If you need to buy fireworks then try our wholesale stock, cheap fireworks that are available for delivery. We can provide bulk products at discounted prices, especially on larger orders. Spend £250 you will qualify for free delivery.

As an established wholesaler all fireworks can delivered to you and our staff can advise on any aspect of buying the right fireworks, such as the suitability of the venue(s) they will be used in. See some of our most popular products: Ding Dong | Ritzy Glitzy |Sapphire Selection

Why people choose to bulk buy our fireworks

By purchasing any amount of explosive fun, we guarantee that with the money you save you can have plenty of fireworks for all your needs. We also have a range of special offers on some of our popular fireworks. More information.

So, why do people choose our wholesale fireworks?

Our products are chosen for their spectacular entertaining effects, and we get the prices as low as possible when selling them wholesale – the Beijing Blitz is one of our most popular bulk buy fireworks that proves effective with our customers.

Wholesale fireworks available for immediate delivery

Delivery is available on all of our fireworks products throughout the UK. Place your order online by simply placing fireworks in your basket, logging in and filling in the correct forms and your delivery will be sent out within 2-3 days. Read more.

If you have spent over £250 you will qualify for free delivery with packaging included. If you have spent under this amount, then a delivery fee of £25 will be charged to your account.

We are happy to work out a quote to the order and you can always suggest your own price! Getting the best deal is easy, just call The Fireworks Shop on 01772 877860 and ask about our wholesale stock and exclusive products.

Our knowledge & experience with explosive displays

With our 10 years of experience and a process of elimination when picking what products to sell, it means our customers have the advantage of buying the best fireworks. Each of the items that we sell is hand-picked by our experts so you receive incredible fireworks that are safe.

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