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Cheap Sparklers

Roll up roll up get your cheap sparklers from Fireworks Shop! We do sell cheap sparklers, however they are cheap in price only and not in quality! We do not sell low grade products, only the best, and at the best prices online. If you buy a large order from us we can lower the price even more buying including free delivery (on orders over £250.00). We sell something for everyone!

we are not just online are also a real shop too

It may be hard to believe with some of our competition popping up and closing down within the drop of a hat. We are open all year round and are a permanent fixture, not just open for bonfire night (5th November). This means that we will offer you a great service, and (in David Dickinson's words) the real deal! if you are feeling sociable why not pop in and see us sometime?

our cheap sparklers come in a variety of sizes and colours

The cheap sparklers we sell generally come in a variety of sizes and can range in size anywhere from 8" to 30" long. You won't get any cracks or bumps on the cheap sparklers we sell due to their high quality. We do sell a range of colours including silver and gold, it all depends on our stock level at the time of ordering so if there is a particular colour you require just let us know on: 01772 877860

remember that safety comes first at all times

Sparklers can be dangerous due to them burning at high temperatures (1,000 degrees) so please always read the packet. Children should always wear gloves when handling lit sparklers. You should have either a bucket of sand or water to hand to douse the sparklers in after use. if you have any questions regarding health & safety please contact us on: 01772 877860 - you call that number for orders too.

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