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Single Ignition Fireworks Cake

The Single Ignition Fireworks Cake is an assortment of fireworks in a self contained package. Go for the best fireworks supplier in the UK, and you will find our prices are the lowest on the web.  Our Single Ignition Fireworks Cakes are carefully selected by us, if it does not impress us then we will not sell it.  Buy our fireworks for bonfire night or at any time, if you buy a number of Single Ignition Fireworks Cakes then you can get a discount and delivery to you door for free!

Amazing new Single Ignition Fireworks Cakes!

After viewing the new range of products available to the UK we have picked the best of them and they are now available to buy.  Incredible new Single Ignition Fireworks Cakes like Real Steel and OMG, along with favorites Hercules and Magical Palms make up the best collection of Single Ignition Fireworks Cakes available in the UK.

Exclusive rewards

Take the time to review one of our Single Ignition Fireworks Cakes on our website and you may qualify for a discount on your next order, so let us know about your experience.  Surprise and amaze your guests with an awesome Single Ignition Fireworks Cake, you will not be disappointed!

We also sell fireworks to wholesalers

Many seasonal shops buy their fireworks from us, so cut out the middle man and get yourself a bargain on a Single Ignition Fireworks Cake! Bonfire night is the most popular time for fireworks but they are increasingly popular at annual events and parties.  People enjoy mixing different Single Ignition Fireworks Cakes for a more impressive display.  We can advise you about which fireworks work well together for a more complete fireworks display.

Get the party going with a Single Ignition Fireworks Cake!

Put some excitement into your celebration with a package to match the type of event you are having.  You might want to purchase rockets, selection boxes or Catherine wheels but add a Single Ignition Fireworks cake into the mix and you are set for a fantastic evening of fireworks!  Our shop has a fantastic selection on display so visit us there,  or call anytime on 07966 040 315.







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