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Single Ignition Fireworks

Single ignition fireworks are available to buy from fireworks shop.  We have a superb range of single ignition fireworks boxes that are selected for quality and value.  Many fireworks retailers sell the cheapest available to them and often sell them to you at the highest price, with no interest in the quality of the fireworks.  Fireworks shop only sell the most impressive products to make a great fireworks display!

Single Ignition Fireworks are the best fireworks you can buy

Other names for single ignition fireworks are fireworks cake , and fireworks barrage.  All contain a collection of aerial shells, roman candles and other fireworks all contained inside a box.  The fireworks box has a single fuse to light them, hence the name Single Ignition Fireworks.


If you would like to know which single ignition fireworks would suit your special occasion or fireworks display, then call Fireworks Shops friendly staff for advice on 01772 877860.

Single ignition fireworks are particularly suitable for buying online because they offer a fireworks display in a box.

Just few single ignition fireworks can make an incredible fireworks display that is much easier than lighting lots of fireworks one at a time.  This also gives single ignition fireworks a more dramatic effect as they are timed to release the fireworks perfectly in order, making single ignition fireworks more impressive than individual fireworks.

Get the party going with our cheap fireworks deals

We are an established supplier with a team of staff devoted to supplying incredible  fireworks as cheap as possible.  Over 18's only can buy fireworks so if you look under 21 make sure to have some ID handy to avoid being disappointed.  Seasonal and supermarket fireworks sellers have no knowledge of the products, we do.  Fireworks Shop always strives to have the latest and greatest products, especially our single ignition fireworks that offer a vast range of effects and sounds that you just light once and BOOM!

Adding new fireworks all the time

Fireworks Shop prides itself on providing the best single ignition fireworks, We think they are so convenient to use and cost effective they are the best choice for everyone.  You should always buy from a reputable company, from staff who are trained to explain safety when using fireworks.  Beware of someone selling them from a van, they might be cheap but they probably are not safe.

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