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Selection Boxes

A Fireworks Selection Box contains a varied range of fireworks that are taken from the box and ignited individually, unlike barrages which use a single fuse to ignite the whole barrage. They consist of fountains, rockets, Catherine wheels, differing types of roman candles and small barrages, plus more.

Selection boxes are suitable for a fireworks display in a garden, and they offer a variety of fireworks that will entertain everyone.

The types of Fireworks Selection Box we sell

We sell a wide range of selection boxes which contain many different fireworks. They tend to be used by families as they can try out all different ones for the children; we have the smaller Firework Selection Box and then the larger ones if you want to impress people!


A Fireworks Selection Box generally contains a mix of rockets, small barrages, roman candles, fountains and usually a few surprises.

Fireworks Selection Box Delivery

We do offer delivery in the North West Lancashire area so you can have your Fireworks Selection Box delivered to your preferred shipping address. Just make sure that someone who is over 18 years old will be there to sign for them.

Why Not visit our shop for a Firework Selection Box

We have all different types of Firework Selection Boxes in our shop, which is based in Preston, so why not visit us. We are open Monday to Saturday and we would be happy to assist you in finding the right fireworks.

Why not review your best Firework Selection Box

If you have purchased one of our Firework Selection Box sets, we would really appreciate it if you wrote a review on the particular one to give others an insight to it.

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