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Catherine Wheel Fireworks

Catherine Wheel Fireworks derive their name from the 4th century martyr Saint Catherine, who was to be placed upon a large spinning wheel. The wheel broke when Saint Catherine touched it and the name Catherine wheel has continued to this day. They are also known as pinwheel fireworks in some countries.

Our Best Selling Catherine Wheel Fireworks

Our best selling catherine wheel fireworks have to be the Fiery Eye! very large in size it really lights up the area and leaves the viewers eager for more!


These Catherine Wheel Fireworks usually consist of a tube rolled into a circle that contains ignitable powder. The wheel is pinned to a surface and lit, causing it to spin rapidly with a display of sparks and a coloured flame. Some Catherine wheels use a small rocket attached at an angle to produce a similar effect; The worlds largest Catherine Wheel Firework was used in 2011 and had a diameter of over 100 feet!

Where to use Catherine Wheel Fireworks

Catherine Wheel Fireworks are particularly suitable for a smaller garden firework display. They can be used anywhere that is permitted to use fireworks. they make fantastic additions to a display whether it be for the public or the family.

 Catherine Wheel Fireworks Delivery

We offer delivery for all the Catherine Wheel Fireworks we sell online. The radius in which we deliver is in the North West Lancashire area and we required that somebody who is aged 18 or above will be able to sign for them.

How do I use Catherine Wheel Fireworks?

There is information on our F.A.Q. page regarding usage of Catherine Wheel Fireworks, we explain on setting them up and safety when using them. You can also find important information on our blog as we regularly update it.

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