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New Years Eve Fireworks

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  1. Celtic Fireworks - Mini Mish Mash 100 Shot


    Barrage Firework

    This 100 shot mini firework packs so much colour and variety of effects in only 52 seconds!

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  2. Diamond Princess By Brothers pyrotechnics

    Was £44.99

    Now! £32.99

    28 Shot Firework

    A fabulous piece from Brothers Pyrotechnics - this one sells fast!! This 28 shot barrage is a real beauty and is one for your little princess.

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  3. Celtic Fireworks - Meso Sphere


    49 Shot Firework

    This fast firing 49 shot cake really does take your breath away. Effects consist of peony breaks to swimming fish, gold glitter palm breaks and a multi shot finale.

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  4. Klasek Fireworks Limited Edition Signature Range


    25 Shot Firework

    Another brilliant classic from Klasek. This 25 shot Signature Limited Edition is packed with 725 grams of powder.

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  5. Celtic Fireworks - China Star


    49 Shot Firework

    49 shots of huge bursts of red stars with white strobes and a multi shot finale with the China Star. An absolutely stunning barrage that you need for your fireworks display!

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  6. Klasek Fireworks Dum Bum Mini


    Firework Cake - 49 Shot

    If you like your fireworks loud then this 49 shot Dum Bum Mini is for you. The Klasek Dum Bum is slowly growing as one of the loudest fireworks on the market!

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  7. Celtic Fireworks - Oceanic Barrage


    36 Shot Firework

    This is the big brother of the Afterglow! Made up of 30mm bores, these are the largest you can get in a consumer barrage. Oceanic features massive golden brocades with a multi shot finale.

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  8. Celtic Fireworks - Mystical Moonsoon


    36 Shot Firework

    Another treat from Celtic - 36 shots of absolutely huge breaks - the sky will be dancing in reds and greens!

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  9. Celtic Fireworks - Celestial Conquest


    36 Shot Firework

    A great piece on its own or as part of a display - beautiful silver whirling tail comets to silver blinking strobe - this is high noise with high impact.

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  10. Celtic Fireworks - Glimmer Glamour


    100 Shot Firework

    Glimmer Glamour is a 100 shot barrage - another great product from our Celtic range. This barrage fires 100 shots of sea blue strobe, red, green, white and yellow.

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  11. Celtic Fireworks - Jibber Jabber

    Was £59.99

    Now! £49.99

    Barrage Firework - 50 Shot Cake

    This fantastic cake fires in volleys of five with jaw breaking effects. It is ideal for a finale finish or stand alone. 50 shots with 30 mm calibre bore, the total powder weight 950 grams.This one will be a certain conversation piece.

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  12. Celtic Fireworks - Mish Mash


    Out of stock

    Barrage Firework

    This 100 shot firework has plenty of colours and effects that last up to 60 seconds

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  13. Klasek Fireworks - Brocade War

    Was £74.99

    Now! £69.99

    Loud Firework

    This 88 shot barrage is high noise with full-on effects. This is the ultimate display for the cheapest price online. 

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  14. Celtic Fireworks - Big Mamma


    Multi Shot Firework

    127 Shots are fired over 80 seconds with a variety of effects including: rain, brocade, tails, crackles and strobes.

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  15. Hercules

    Was £124.99

    Now! £79.99

    The exceptional strength of the original award winner is back - this one must not be overlooked. 

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  16. Celtic Fireworks - Tardis

    Was £99.99

    Now! £89.99

    126 Shot Firework

    This 126 shot cake is part of the Celtic professional range, and features a variety of stunning effects.

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  17. Fireworks Display Kit - Maximum Showtime


    Fireworks Box

    From Brothers Pyrotechnics, this display kit comes in three sections which you can either light individually or you can link each piece to give you one big display.

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  18. Fireworks Show - 200 Shot Compound


    The Fireworks Show 200 shot  Only one fuse to light and you will have over 3 minutes of exciting effects.

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  19. Fireworks Box - Beast From The East

    Was £299.99

    Now! £249.99

    Firework Display Pack

    This new four cake linked compound by Celtic is a must! Just light it once and the show will begin - with over 2 minutes duration this is like having a professional pyro company in your back garden. This new 1.3G compound by Celtic has four pre-linked cakes - three cakes with 64 shots and one cake with 100 shots. With 3.4kg of explosive powder weight, 292 shots in total, 20mm-25mm bore sizes, this compound will certainly please the crowds! Another quality pro cake by Celtic and brought to you by Fireworks Shop. 

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  20. Game Changer


    A real game changer in the world of compound fireworks. A massive firework with 200 shots lasting nearly 3 minutes! It's a full display that you only need to light once!

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