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Fireworks Shop Manchester

Fireworks Shop Manchester are based in Bamber Bridge. The full address is: 225 Station Road, Bamber Bridge, Preston, Lancashire, PR5 6LD. If you are not familiar with Bamber Bridge in Preston please use our postcode to find us using Google Maps or a sat nav.

fireworks shop Manchester can deliver the goods you need anytime of year

We are not like some fly-by-night firework shops, that crop up for a few weeks once a year. We are a permanent fixture and are open for business all year round. Feel free to get in touch with Fireworks Shop Manchester for assistance with anything firework related, we are only too happy to help.

let us help get your celebrations off to a flying start

Fireworks Shop Manchester are always on hand to offer advice on which fireworks will be best for your forthcoming celebration. We have deliveries going out to customers from all backgrounds, throughout the year. Events we cater for include, but are not limited to: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, han nights, stag do's, Burn's night, Hanabi, Diwali, Chinese New Year, New Year's Eve and more.... phew!

fireworks shop Manchester deliver direct to you

We offer FREE DELIVERY on orders over £250.00 to anywhere within the North West of mainland UK. All other orders have delivery available too, it is worked out upon placing your order. If you are confused about delivery to your area in any way please contact Fireworks Shop Manchester direct on: 01772 877860. Delivery can be turned around quickly, within 1 day from the point of placing your order if required.

fireworks shop Manchester are also available for firework displays

We are available for hire to support your event or celebration that requires a professional  firework display. However we can also prepare a DIY firework display at your request also, so you can take full control of the action all by yourself.

contact fireworks shop Manchester for more assistance

We are available to assist with any questions regarding our products which you may have on: 01772 877860 alternatively please browse our site and place an order electronically.

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  1. War Hawk Fireworks - 5 Piece Rocket


    Rocket Fireworks

    This 5 piece rocket pack has been a best seller for the last 2 years and continues to fly out! There is a range of colourful effects including brocades to purple star bursts, brocade to green star bursts and even gold willows!

    View others here.

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  2. Rocket Fireworks - Sky Hunters


    Firework Rockets

    Already one of the biggest sellers of the year - a superb pack of five rockets - you will not be disappointed! 

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  3. Klasek Fireworks Dum Bum Mini


    Firework Cake - 49 Shot

    If you like your fireworks loud then this 49 shot Dum Bum Mini is for you. The Klasek Dum Bum is slowly growing as one of the loudest fireworks on the market!

    Browse our other loud cakes.

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  4. Klasek Fireworks - Brocade War


    Loud Firework

    This 88 shot barrage is high noise with full-on effects. This is the ultimate display for the cheapest price online. 

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  5. Klasek Fireworks Signature Range


    100 Shot Firework

    If you are looking for one firework this year, one that you just want to light and have a full on display. This Klasek Signature Range 100 shot firework has lots of colour, noise and a range of effects.

    See what's available at the Fireworks Shop.

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