Fireball By Funke

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New and exclusive for 2020, Another large compound from Funke. This 200 shot 30mm bore firework is packed with 3999g of powder producing a stunning display. First, we get the large mine lift with red strobes to salutes, followed by red and white strobing dahlias that change to purple and green strobing dahlias. Next, is a display of silver spinning serpents to brocades with red strobing stars and a volley of salutes, all accompanied by beautiful mine lifts. The next 2 rows are sizzling comet tails to sizzling spider burst with red, green, and purple strobing pearls with another burst of salutes. All leading to a 4-row sizzling comet tail to chrysanthemum crackle surrounded by multi coloured strobing pearls display with titanium salute and a bouquet of crackling mine lifts!! For those who can't have fanned effect then this straight firing beast is a definite must-have!!

More Information
Category TypeF3
Firing PatternMixed
Hazard Class1.3
Safety Distance25 metres
Shots Fired200
Height40 + metres
Tube Size30mm
Noise LevelHigh
Powder Weight3999g
Reserve FuseYes
  • Brands: Funke