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Welcome to Fireworks Shop, we are based in Preston, Lancashire in the North West of the UK. We provide our top quality fireworks for sale online, they are available to anyone within the UK (mainland). We deliver nationwide, however if your order is over £250.00 we will deliver free of charge anywhere within the North West for FREE!

what is so special about fireworks shop?

...that's a very good question, we only sell the best quality fireworks at wholesale and retail prices. We literally sell something for everyone and all budgets! Whether you require a single pack of sparklers to a container load of barrages we really can accommodate you. Fireworks Shop does not sell wholesale fireworks to unlicensed resellers, so please do not contact us if you intend to sell fireworks out of the back of a van. We will not even entertain your enquiry.

to fireworks shop quality is of the utmost importance, just like our reputation

We are well known for delivering the best quality, modern day fireworks that are available for sale within the UK. We only sell the best UK brands as this type of quality is sacrosanct with our company image. It has taken some time to establish ourselves and of course we are constantly striving for excellence in everything we do. Fireworks Shop take our responsibilities as fireworks suppliers seriously, and as professionals we are proud of these standards.

we stock a wide range of fireworks, please feel free to take a look around and get in touch

As stated earlier Fireworks Shop has something for everyone, including the following:

  • Barrage Fireworks
  • Cake Fireworks
  • Fountain Fireworks
  • Wedding Fireworks
  • Selection Box Fireworks
  • Catherine Wheel Fireworks
  • Sparklers
  • Wholesale Fireworks

...the list goes on and on and on... and if we don't list it we can probably still get it. Please call on: 01772 877860 for more assistance.

fireworks displays from fireworks shop preston, lancashire, north west UK

At your request we can create a totally awesome fireworks display from any of our fireworks, and/or existing fireworks packages. We are available to take care of your fireworks display on-site, or if you prefer we can give a DIY fireworks display package direct to you for use at your own leisure. Either way you will not be disappointed.

contact fireworks shop for assistance or further information on any of our products

We would love to hear from you so don't delay, pick up the phone today (cheesy or what?) call on: 01772 877860 or place your order direct through our online ordering system.

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  1. War Hawk Fireworks - 5 Piece Rocket


    Rocket Fireworks

    This 5 piece rocket pack has been a best seller for the last 2 years and continues to fly out! There is a range of colourful effects including brocades to purple star bursts, brocade to green star bursts and even gold willows!

    View others here.

    Learn More
  2. Rocket Fireworks - Sky Hunters


    Firework Rockets

    Already one of the biggest sellers of the year - a superb pack of five rockets - you will not be disappointed! 

    Learn More
  3. Klasek Fireworks Dum Bum Mini


    Firework Cake - 49 Shot

    If you like your fireworks loud then this 49 shot Dum Bum Mini is for you. The Klasek Dum Bum is slowly growing as one of the loudest fireworks on the market!

    Browse our other loud cakes.

    Learn More
  4. VIV36L-001


    A unique effect from this 36 shot 30mm bore product, this cake produces stunning Blue Tail to gold willow to blue.Learn More
  5. High Flyer Rocket pack Deal 1

    Was £61.97

    Now! £49.99

     2 x rocket pack 1 x 180g Rocket

    1 x SkyRaider @ £19.99

    1 x Celtic Rocks @ 21.99

    1 x super Nova @ £19.99

    Total Price = £61.97

    YOUR PRICE £49.99

    Learn More
  6. High Flyer Rocket Pack Deal 2

    Was £61.97

    Now! £49.99

    2 x rocket pack 1 x 180g Rocket

    1 x Mercury Rising @ £19.99

    1 x Celtic Rocks @ 21.99

    1 x super Nova @ £19.99

    Total Price = £61.97

    YOUR PRICE £49.99

    Learn More
  7. VIV42F-001


    Wow....the height and spread of this 42 shot, 30mm bore, fan barrage! A beautiful low noise piece with effcts of blue dahlia bouquet, green light, sunglow glittering tail, orange light, and peach light. F3 semi-pro retail display fireworks.

    Learn More
  8. VIV48F-002


    A magnificent, 48 shot, fanned barrage by Vivid. Lasting 15 seconds, it may be short but it is definitely sweet. The 30mm diameter bores fire a curtain of gold - gold mine bouquet with blue tips followed by huge golden palms.

    Learn More
  9. Heavy Hitter


    New for 2019 Learn More
  10. Klasek Fireworks - Brocade War

    Was £74.99

    Now! £69.99

    Loud Firework

    This 88 shot barrage is high noise with full-on effects. This is the ultimate display for the cheapest price online. 

    Learn More
  11. Full House Barrage Pack

    Was £149.99

    Now! £129.99

    Back for 2019  This is an absolute gem of a pack - 9 quality cakes.

    Learn More
  12. Klasek Fireworks Signature Range


    100 Shot Firework

    If you are looking for one firework this year, one that you just want to light and have a full on display. This Klasek Signature Range 100 shot firework has lots of colour, noise and a range of effects.

    See what's available at the Fireworks Shop.

    Learn More
  13. Solar Flares 1 Carton x 12 Packs x 5 Rockets

    Was £239.98

    Now! £199.99

    If you love Rockets, you will love this deal this is 1 carton of 12 packs of 5, giving you an incredible 60 Rockets. Learn More
  14. Fireworks Show - 200 Shot Compound


    The Fireworks Show 200 shot  Only one fuse to light and you will have over 3 minutes of exciting effects.

    View other compound fireworks.

    Learn More

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