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Fireworks for sale UK

At Fireworks Shop we offer you the best prices on fireworks for sale UK wide. Not only that but we provide a service to match! There are a wide range of packages, deals, promotions and more on all of our fireworks for sale UK wide.

choose the best fireworks for sale UK price guarantees included

We really care about giving you the most bang for your money that we can, that's why we will only hand-pick the best fireworks for sale UK customers can buy. It's all about creating a great reputation for delivering quality for the best prices possible - and that's what we are about.


Some companies on the internet may offer fireworks for sale UK wide and they may seem like they are offering a good price, unfortunately that isn't always the case. Our ethics are based on the principle that safety comes first - end of story! So rest assured that we won't provide you with low grade fireworks, or pad out our selection boxes with cheap rubbish unlike some.

you can pay us a visit if you want to see where we are, you may even get a brew while you're here

That's right... we are actually a physical shop you can walk into and that means you can deal with real people, with names too. You won't get passed around from pillar to post when buying fireworks for sale UK wide from us. We feel that this makes a real difference to the level of service we can provide you with as a customer.

our fireworks for sale UK are not available to under 18's

Sorry to be the party pooper here but Fireworks Shop have a strict policy not to sell to under 18's, this is non-negotiable and cannot be changed. So please... if you are under 18 don't buy from us, in fact don't buy from anywhere until you are old enough.

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  1. VIV36L-001


    A unique effect from this 36 shot 30mm bore product, this cake produces stunning Blue Tail to gold willow to blue.Learn More
  2. High Flyer Rocket Pack Deal 2

    Was £61.97

    Now! £49.99

    2 x rocket pack 1 x 180g Rocket

    1 x Mercury Rising @ £19.99

    1 x Celtic Rocks @ 21.99

    1 x super Nova @ £19.99

    Total Price = £61.97

    YOUR PRICE £49.99

    Learn More
  3. Celtic Fireworks - Big Mamma


    Multi Shot Firework

    127 Shots are fired over 80 seconds with a variety of effects including: rain, brocade, tails, crackles and strobes.

    Learn More

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