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Firework Display Packs

Get your fireworks here for ultimate Firework Displays.  Gather your friends and relatives and entertain them all with a mix of selection boxes, rockets, cakes and everything else at your Firework Displays.  Fireworks Shop specialize in catering for all your fireworks needs.  Why travel when you can have your own Firework Displays cheap and delivered to you.  Get the kids some sparklers to use while they watch the firework displays.

Firework Displays At Home

As autumn turns to winter, brighten up those cold nights with firework displays.  Have a display of your own, choose from our large range of fireworks.  Tailor the fireworks for your guests and the area you will use the fireworks.  Forward planning makes for safe and fun Firework Displays.  It is a good idea to keep a bucket of water nearby when using fireworks.  Light the night sky up with our excellent firework displays packs.

Get into the spirit

The festive season is approaching and there is no better way to enjoy it than with Firework Displays.  Have a complete celebration and make everyone happy, get some fireworks cheap and we will even bring them to you.  Entertain kids with all the sounds, colours and effects you will get from Firework displays.  From little cakes to large single ignition barrages you can find whatever you need at Fireworks Shop.

Taking fireworks orders now

As we move towards Guy Fawkes night and then New Year there is increased interest in Firework Displays, so remember to order early or ring us to reserve your fireworks.  We can deliver them to you in time for Firework Displays.  Just call us on 01772 877 860  we are always happy to help. Our staff will make sure you have a great shopping experience, from advising you, to purchasing fireworks and then delivering them to you.  Make the call today, with our products your guests will be sure to have a great time.

Best products, best prices on fireworks

Did you know there are many different brands of fireworks in the UK?  We test all of them and only the best get picked for our customers.  We select them so you can browse and select from the best available, we will not waste your time with inferior products and brands.  The Fireworks Displays packages we can put together are first class, care has been put into every aspect of our service.

Recent Posts
  • Looking good for 2019

    China Visit 2018 -2019

    I flew out from Manchester to China on 23 November 2018 with Celtic Fireworks. I landed in Changsha after a 14 hour journey and, having only been in the country 2 hours, it was off to the first demo - no time to waste! Cameras out and 80 new potential products to film, mainly Cat 4 and Retail. Next day, an early start and off to the Celtic office to review last night’s new products with Chris and Jonathan. We thoroughly reviewed and considered each product, whittling them down to the favourites. This pattern continued for 5 days and nights and in the end over 900 products were viewed. This was a successful trip.

    Following this, 14 January 2019 and a 12,000 mile round trip – I flew out again to Changsha with Celtic Fireworks for a 7 day trip. This time we were back to review the products we had narrowed down from November’s trip - yet more factory demonstrations. Success! 120 new lines added - 40 Retail and 80 Cat 4 Professional fireworks. The new retail lines will be added in due course. Don’t forget, I am the only retailer in the UK that sees these products before any others - so a big bonus for you guys. Knowledge is strength, so the saying goes! And don’t forget, we are the UK’s largest stockist of Celtic retail fireworks.

    Our work, however, is never done – 4 February 2019 and it’s Fireworks Shop annual spring fair trip to NEC Birmingham. The likes of Absolute fireworks, Brothers Pyrotechnics, Jonathan’s fireworks and Black Cat fireworks all exhibit here showing their new products for 2019. It’s always great to catch up with importers and discuss the coming seasons new offerings.

    Valencia Trip 2019

    And then, 14 March 2019 and Fireworks Shop annual visit to Valencia. This is where I meet up with all my Pyro friends in the trade, relax a bit, and watch the daily displays in and around the city. For those of you that haven’t been to Las Fallas de Valencia, it’s an absolute must in the pyro calendar. An amazing city with lots to do and see, including the intense Mascleta in the main square, fired every day at 2pm during the festival, and then the spectacular evening firework displays down by the riverbed. During this visit, I was fortunate enough to be invited by Europla, one of Europe’s biggest manufacturers of fireworks, to look at potential new products - a really great demo showcasing Cat 4 products for professional displays.

    Looking Good  for 2019

    So far so good this year – it is definitely a year to watch out for some great new products. There are exciting times ahead so watch out on Fireworks Shop website ‘New for 2019’ as we will be adding new fireworks every week, keeping you up-to-date. Remember, if you see it here, there’s only one thing you need to know…. it’s the best because we’ve seen it and tried it.

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