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Fireworks Display

Make your guests gasp with amazement at your fireworks display from Fireworks Shop UK!  We can modify the package to suit your event, want great effects but less noise?  We can do that.   We want everyone to be entertained by a fireworks display package we sell so read the product descriptions, watch the videos and if you still are not sure then call Fireworks Shop.

Making a fireworks display even better

Purchase some small fireworks cakes and a selection box to get the fireworks display started.  Then amaze your guests with our large bore caged fireworks, and stun them with the earth shattering King Rocket!  Your friends will be hypnotized with the stylish colours and patterns of our products at your fireworks display.

Want to pick out your own Fireworks Display?

We are always happy to offer our Fireworks Display services, but we are equally happy for you to pick your own Fireworks Display package.  This process of selecting your own fireworks has never been easier with our online shop, make and account and start choosing your fireworks!  Once you have them in your basket, purchase and await delivery!  If you have special instructions such as a delivery date or time email us or call.  Our family run business will accommodate your needs in a courteous and efficient manner.

Put some magic into the air with a Fireworks Display

Whether its a public event or a gathering of family and friends, nothing entertains more than a Fireworks Display.  With the advent of fireworks boxes that are single ignition it is easy to put together an evening of fireworks at your home.  It is our privilege to be able to sell whatever fireworks you need,  and at the cheapest prices you will find.  If you find them cheaper we guarantee to match or beat that price, and deliver them too! (on orders over £250).

When is the best time to buy fireworks?

Whenever you choose, but for bonfire night its best to buy early, this way you avoid a queue and get the best deals in our shop.  If you cannot wait for your Fireworks Display you can order them online or by telephone and collect them yourself,  as many of our customers do.

Combinations of our fireworks can make your own Fireworks Display look professional

By choosing the right products you can make your guests think you are an experienced fireworks display professional, choose our fireworks and combine them into a dazzling array of effects, colours and sounds!

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