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Firework Display Packs

Fireworks Shop can put together custom Firework Display Packs to suit you.   These packs cost less than buying them individually.  We also have barrage packs with many varied fireworks contained inside firework boxes, each one of these is a display on its own!

For the best display, Firework Display Packs are cost effective and simple to set up for ignition.

We have a range of brand new Firework Display Packs ready to collect, or have them delivered as long as you spend at least £250.  Firework Display Packs offer value and more fireworks in one package.  So don't have a small fireworks display have an amazing one with Firework Display Packs at Fireworks Shop!

Customise your Firework Display Packs

Add some rockets and fountains to your pack, to make it an even more enjoyable fireworks display.  Get everyone some drinks and let the fireworks begin! Do you want to get some fireworks without having to spend ages choosing them?  Get Firework Display Packs and maybe a few extras like some sparklers for the kids, you can order online or by phone.

Show off with our Firework Display Packs

Get everyone round on guy fawkes night and have fun while watching our Firework Display Packs.   Add a selection box to get you started its cheaper to buy from Fireworks Shop so you can get more fireworks for your money.  So get into our online shop for super Firework Display Packs and everything that makes the best fireworks display you can have at home.  

The greatest Firework Display Packs are at Fireworks Shop

You can call us to find out what Firework Display Packs would be best for you on 01772 877860.  We have our own team of delivery drivers that will bring the fireworks right to your door, whenever you want them.  So many people are glad they got their fireworks from us, its so easy to get the latest Firework Display Packs and at the lowest prices.

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  1. Celtic Fireworks - 6 Pack


    Firework Pack

    Six pieces in this pack - all individually chosen for the variety of colour and effects. 

    • 1 x Iron Age Sky
    • 1 x Boudica 
    • 1 x 600 B.C.
    • 1 x Bronze Age Nights
    • 1 x Druids Brew
    • 1 x Celtic
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  2. Fantastic 9 Gold Label Pro Fx - Firework Pack

    Was £99.99

    Now! £89.99

    Mixed Effect Fireworks Box

    This is an unbelievable fireworks box. That's why we named it the Fantastic 9. Contains: 2 x 25 shot fan cakes, 2 x 19 shot cake, 2 x 20 shot, 1 x 36 shot fan, 2 x 25 shot and all the effects are mixed so no 2 cakes are the same. They are all numbered in a firing order from 1 - 9  and you also get 3 fan cakes. A great family barrage pack.

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  3. Firework Display - Gold Label Perfect 10 Semi Pro Range Pack


    Pro Firework Pack

    This unbelievable 1.3G pack contains 10 pro cakes ranging from 10 to 42 shots. It contains over 2.2kilos of explosive powder weight, a total of 184 shots, and all are 25mm bore. With over four minutes of mixed aerial effects, this is, without doubt, the largest barrage ten pack on the UK market. No fancy names or labels on the cakes, just professional, quality effects. Each cake is labeled in a firing order from 1-10 for your convenience. This pack is brought to you by Fireworks Shop as our own Gold Label Pro FX range.

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  4. Fireworks Display Kit - Maximum Showtime


    Fireworks Box

    From Brothers Pyrotechnics, this display kit comes in three sections which you can either light individually or you can link each piece to give you one big display.

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  5. Fireworks Box - Beast From The East

    Was £299.99

    Now! £249.99

    Firework Display Pack

    This new four cake linked compound by Celtic is a must! Just light it once and the show will begin - with over 2 minutes duration this is like having a professional pyro company in your back garden. This new 1.3G compound by Celtic has four pre-linked cakes - three cakes with 64 shots and one cake with 100 shots. With 3.4kg of explosive powder weight, 292 shots in total, 20mm-25mm bore sizes, this compound will certainly please the crowds! Another quality pro cake by Celtic and brought to you by Fireworks Shop. 

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  6. Celtic Fireworks Pro FX High Impact Display Pack


    Fireworks Box

    This pack has everything you need for a fabulous display. It includes 15 barrages by Celtic - Tequila Sunrise x 2, Ritzy Glitzy x 2, Neon Boom x 2, Hyperglow, Triple Crown, Stealth Rising, Meso-sphere, China Star, Flash Gordon, Mystical Moonsoon, Big Mamma and Big Daddy; 1 pack of Space Travel Rocket (7 pieces, 4 of which are ball-head) by Jigsaw; and 2 packs of portfires (8 pieces).

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