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Firework display

Keep everyone entertained, order some of our fireworks and have your own custom Firework Display.  By selecting your own firework display, and viewing the videos you can choose colours and themes to suit your guests and the event.  Fireworks Shop have a wide range of stock to give you the best fireworks all in one place.

Beat the queue and select a Firework Display online at Fireworks Shop

Its quick, easy and convenient to buy at Fireworks Shop, we accept paypal payments and all major debit and credit cards.   We have a reputation for customer satisfaction, and we will be happy to discuss any questions you may have about our fireworks.

What types of fireworks are available?

A Category 3 firework requires 25 meters minimum distance from people viewing, Category 2 just 8 Meters.  For smaller gardens Category 2 is advised, you can check what category our fireworks are in our online shop.  Category 2 fireworks still pack a punch and we have many different ones from which to choose,  and all of them offer great value for a Firework Display.  Category 1 fireworks can be used indoors and contain very small amounts of ignitable powder.

If you want the event to seem special just add a Firework Display

Fireworks are often used at festivals and concerts, and you too can have a Firework Display to match.  Show your appreciation and make someone feel special with a Firework Display for them.  Tailor it to the mood and celebrate in style with our amazing Firework Display products.

Get a Firework Display from Fireworks Shop for a better way to enjoy fireworks

We sell fireworks at rock bottom prices but never compromise on the quality of the fireworks.  No cheap brands here, just the best the UK has to offer for making an awesome Firework Display.  Fill the night with atmosphere and lighten everyone's spirits, the only way to end a celebration is with a Firework Display.


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