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Single Ignition Cakes

Single ignition cakes go by a few different aliases, the chances are you may have used one before but it was called something else like: single ignition boxes (SIB), single ignition fireworks, barrage fireworks, display in a box or something similar. The benefits of using single ignition cakes are many, the main benefit is that you are only lighting one firework, but due to the fact they are all connected by the same fuse you get the effect of a display in a box, hence the variation on the name.

the quality of our Single Ignition Cakes is second to none

One of the many things you can count on with Fireworks Shop is that we will never sell you poor quality products. Our business is based upon your happiness and return custom, therefore we will never skimp on quality of our single ignition cakes or any other firework. Another is that our prices are always as low as we can get them, this is due to our buying power as a registered supplier of fireworks to the public and trade.

Single Ignition Cakes are a foolproof way to entertain your guests

The convenience of having a whole firework display in a box should say everything you need to know about how good these Single Ignition Cakes really are. You can set the fuse, get back to the party, grab another drink and watch the display with your guests. This is due to the nature of Single Ignition Cakes. They do what they say on the box, in other words you just light a single ignition and the whole box is set off.

get in touch today to order your Single Ignition Cakes

Fireworks Shop is open all year round, not just for Bonfire Night. We are happy to help with any enquiries you may have regarding Single Ignition Cakes or any of our other fireworks. For assistance please call: 01772 877860

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