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Single Ignition Cake

You may know the single ignition cake by another name like: single ignition box (SIB), single ignition firework, barrage firework, display in a box or other. A single ignition cake is a collection of fireworks linked together connected by a single fuse that can be ignited in a single instance. The fuse is fast-burning thus creating a miniature display in a box (note the variation).

Single Ignition Cakes are a very popular firework

Due to their very nature being relatively simple, single ignition cakes are very popular in today's market. They can produce spectacular effects that last for a long time all from a single ignition. They vary in size and price so you can create large and small displays depending on your budget. Some single ignition cakes last longer than others and can contain up to 1,000 tubes of fireworks, whilst smaller versions may only contain a few tubes - do the math.

a brief word on the quality of our single ignition cake fireworks

Fireworks Shop have built up a strong reputation for delivering what we promise. Therefore you can depend on us not to sell you poor quality products. Our business has become established because we treat our customers well and get repeat business, therefore we don't penny pinch on the quality of our fireworks, no less single ignition cakes.

always read the label on your fireworks

A quick note on safety, ALWAYS READ THE LABEL on your fireworks. The label is there for a good reason and should never be ignored. Make sure that when you set up your single ignition cake that it is on firm ground, if grass then attach it to a stake that is well and truly stuck in the ground, never attach a single ignition cake on top of a post. If the surface you are sitting your cake on is tarmac or similar then you must use an alternative method as you cannot hammer a stake into such surfaces. Use bricks or sandbags to weigh the single ignition cake down.

get in touch today to order your Single Ignition Cakes

Fireworks Shop is open all year round, not just for Bonfire Night. We are happy to help with any enquiries you may have regarding Single Ignition Cakes or any of our other fireworks. For assistance please call: 01772 877860

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