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Fireworks Barrage Cake

If you are looking for a high quality, multi-shot fireworks barrage cake for your special occasion or display then look no further. We stock a superb array of high quality fireworks barrage cakes at great prices. Depending upon your requirements your cake may have a few tubes of fireworks or hundreds, so have a look at what we offer as everyone's needs are different.

I've never heard of a fireworks barrage cake, what is it?

The truth is that you may not have heard a fireworks barrage cake called by this name, however they are very popular and go under a range of alternative guises such as: single ignition boxes or SIB's, display's in a box, firework cakes, barrage fireworks, or single ignition fireworks. They all pretty much mean the same thing but most manufacturers like to use different names.

so... now I know what fireworks barrage cakes are what makes them so special?

The beauty of fireworks barrage cakes boils down to them being a display in a box. They are made up from an array of small fireworks, usually roman candles, all joined up by a high speed fuse. They can be lit once (a single ignition) in order to create a fantastic display effect. Types of fireworks barrage cakes vary in shape, colour and size. Depending upon your budget you can create the ideal display for your event or celebration with a fireworks barrage cake.

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