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Firework Cake

The team at Fireworks Shop take pride in knowing that the fireworks we sell are of a high standard. Recently a best seller of ours the firework cake, has become very popular. Just to elaborate about what a firework cake is: a firework cake can also go by the name of barrage, and is normally made out of a group of roman candles or barrages. They are joined together with a fuse that when lit allows the fireworks to be set off sequentially, or at the same time.

have your firework cake, but please... don't eat it

The firework cake is available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, we're positive that we can sort out the ideal firework cake to suits your needs. We sell a variety of cake fireworks. On the contrary to some competitors that only open for bonfire night, we are available all year round and are sure we can supply the fireworks required throughout.

you've had the birthday cake, now you need a firework cake for your special occasion

Never mind which occasion you are celebrating, we can substitute the edible cake with a firework cake ...actually you can now have your cake and eat it. Whether it's a new years eve celebration, birthday, Diwali, private party, Chinese new year, anniversary, or even Christmas (if you want to let Santa know where you are)... we are free to supply you with our firework cake stock.

here's some basic tips on how to set up your firework cake

You should always put safety first when preparing your cake firework (or any other firework for that matter). Below are a few tips to help light up the sky on your special day.

  • Always read the label
  • Make sure your cake firework is on firm and solid ground
  • Make sure the cake firework has been attached to a post next to it and properly in the ground
  • The cake firework must be in upright in position
  • Don't attach the firework to a post that isn't on solid ground
  • Never place your firework on the top of some sort of post

We are always available for more in-depth advice, if you want to talk to an expert just get in touch with us on 01772 877 860.

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