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Cake Fireworks

Just so you know what cake fireworks are... they are sometimes referred to as barrage fireworks, or single ignition fireworks. You may well have seen cake fireworks before, or even used them but they may have gone under a different name. Cake fireworks are made up from several roman candles or barrage fireworks. They are joined together with a high-speed fuse that once lit, sets them off either in a sequence or altogether at the same time.

cake fireworks come in all shapes and sizes, each require different treatment

Types of cake fireworks do vary so make sure you always read the label on the box/packet. A perfect example of this is fan cake fireworks. They are slightly different in the sense that when lit they project their fireworks at angles from either side as opposed to just straight up. You should also consider that your audience may not be able to see the fan cake fireworks once lit due to the angles they fire at.

setting up your cake fireworks on a variety of surfaces

Depending on where you want to set your cake fireworks off you may have to consider the type of surface they are placed on. You can set them off on any flat surface that provides secure support. Some surfaces require stakes to be used to securely attach your cake fireworks to the ground, however concrete and tarmac won't allow for this so you must find an alternative method. You must use common sense too! You could place your cake fireworks inside a wooden frame that is heavy and stable, or you would weigh them down by placing sandbags or bricks around them. As long as your cake fireworks remain straight when active.

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