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Compound fireworks

Compound fireworks are a number of fireworks that are linked together so you only have to light it once. They will give you multiple effects without the hassle of needing to light multiple fireworks back to back. Generally compound fireworks have a longer duration which can vary from 1 minute to over 4 minutes. Check out the best compound fireworks in the UK from the Fireworks Shop.

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  1. Final Curtain by celtic fireworks


    What more are you looking for in a compound firework at this price? Size, duration, effects from stright firing to fan, this has it all. It will finish your display in style and will close the final curtain of the night. 

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  2. Beat Thy Neighbour - 106 Shot Display


    Beat Thy Neighbour has 3 amazing fireworks which can be set off individually or linked together to create one huge firework. A total of 106 shots.

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  3. Klasek Fireworks - Dum Bum


    98 Shot Firework

    This Dum Bum compound firework is as loud as it can get. This will give you 98 shots of intense titanium salutes.

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  4. Rainbows Revenge by Celtic fireworks


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  5. Firework - Gold Label 157 Shot Compound


    Celtic Fireworks - Smash That

    Another great box from Celtic Fireworks. This 157 shot compound cake features multicoloured bursts in a variety of effects.

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  6. Klasek Fireworks Signature Range


    100 Shot Firework

    If you are looking for one firework this year, one that you just want to light and have a full on display. This Klasek Signature Range 100 shot firework has lots of colour, noise and a range of effects.

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  7. Brocade War Firework


    98 Shot Firework

    The Brocade War Compound Fan is perfect for completing any firework display. If you want something big and loud, this is the one for you!

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  8. Firework Cake - Noisy Neighbours

    Was £144.99

    Now! £138.99

    146 Shot Firework

    Pushing compound fireworks to the limit, Noisy Neighbours is a 4 Cake Compound, pre-fused together to create a single fuse display in a box.

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  9. Grounds for Divorce Firework

    Was £145.99

    Now! £139.99

    200 Shot Firework

    Grounds for Divorce has a stunning show stopper! This compoud firework has 2 100 shot finale fireworks.

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  10. Blow Ya Load By Celtic Fireworks


    New Compound for 2019 Learn More
  11. Surprise Me By Celtic Fireworks


    Fireworks Display In A Box

    This standout compound again has it all, the effects from straight firing to fanned to Z firing, from left to right, with vivid coloured comets. It really is a display in a box. 

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  12. Fireworks Display Kit - Maximum Showtime


    Out of stock

    Fireworks Box

    From Brothers Pyrotechnics, this display kit comes in three sections which you can either light individually or you can link each piece to give you one big display.

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  13. Rolling Thunder By Black Label


    New for 2019 Learn More
  14. High Impact


    The name says it all, High Impact! An impressive 244 shot 6 cake compound lasting 4 minutes and containing a great range of effects!

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  15. Fireworks Show - 200 Shot Compound


    The Fireworks Show 200 shot  Only one fuse to light and you will have over 3 minutes of exciting effects.

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  16. Signature compound 239 mix


    New for 2018

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  17. Fireworks Box - Beast From The East

    Was £299.99

    Now! £249.99

    Firework Display Pack

    This new four cake linked compound by Celtic is a must! Just light it once and the show will begin - with over 2 minutes duration this is like having a professional pyro company in your back garden. This new 1.3G compound by Celtic has four pre-linked cakes - three cakes with 64 shots and one cake with 100 shots. With 3.4kg of explosive powder weight, 292 shots in total, 20mm-25mm bore sizes, this compound will certainly please the crowds! Another quality pro cake by Celtic and brought to you by Fireworks Shop. 

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  18. Game Changer


    A real game changer in the world of compound fireworks. A massive firework with 200 shots lasting nearly 3 minutes! It's a full display that you only need to light once!

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  19. Firework - Midnight Horror

    Was £399.99

    Now! £299.99

    Fireworks Box 

    One of the biggest fireworks we sell, this 424 shot box features a variety of colours, finishes and effects.

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  20. Fireworks Pack - Mighty Thunder


    Fireworks Box - Mighty Thunder by Klasek

    This Firework pack has all you need in one box. With multiple effects, this pack features 4 barrages in one box and one lights the other for a continuous display.

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  21. Zeneth Compound By Brothers Pyrotechnics


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  22. Fireworks Show 256


    Barrage Fireworks

    One of the biggest firework boxes that we sell, this pack shoots an impressive 256 shots and lasts for almost 4 and a half minutes. With 32 different effects and 4 firing patterns this would be perfect for a firework display.

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