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Catherine Wheel Firework

The Catherine Wheel Firework is a classic for home firework displays. Its usually a tube filled with powder that burns from one end to the other.  Its rolled round into a circle and when lit it the Catherine Wheel Firework spins rapidly creating patterns and sparks.

Be entertained by the Catherine Wheel Firework

A fireworks display is not complete without a Catherine Wheel Firework, it adds variety to the display and it's a nice firework that everyone can enjoy.  Its good to get different fireworks in one package, so buy some of everything our cheap prices will make that possible!  Get over to Fireworks Shop and get brilliant fireworks cheap, and don't forget to buy the Catherine Wheel Firework!

Lots of choice, our range of fireworks is fantastic

To accompany the Catherine Wheel Firework we have Single Ignition Barrages, Rockets, Selection Boxes and more, just visit us online to see.  We sell all our fireworks in packs or individually and our ordering system is user friendly and secure.  So head on over to Fireworks Shop for the best (and cheapest!) fireworks available to the UK public.

Its always a good time for a Catherine Wheel Firework

Traditionally used around bonfire night, the Catherine Wheel Firework is actually a great firework to use on any night. You pin them to a pole or fence and they spin so fast it creates patterns out of flames and sparks, everyone will enjoy watching a Catherine Wheel Firework, its a classic.  They have been improved over the years and a modern Catherine Wheel Firework its more powerful and enjoyable to watch.

View the fireworks before you buy them

With our videos its possible to see the fireworks in action, and you save yourself loads of cash when you buy any Catherine Wheel Firework or any fireworks from us.  We can take payments in a variety of ways, all card payments are accepted as well as paypal.  We do accept cash but only on collection and in our shop.  There is every reason to purchase your fireworks from Fireworks Shop, we can get you the fireworks to entertain and delight everyone.

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