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Buy Fireworks Online UK

That's right people! you can buy fireworks online UK right here. we sell all sorts of fireworks such as rockets, rocket packs, barrages, single ignition cakes, Catherine wheels, roman candles, selection boxes, sparklers. We even sell indoor fireworks so if you are planning to celebrate a certain occasion then why not shop here and be amazed from our catalog. We sell from the best brands in the UK and put quality before quantity!

How can I Buy Fireworks Online UK?

You can Buy Fireworks Online UK all through the year as we are open!.  You can buy fireworks online on our website, We accept all major payment types such as credit cards, VISA, Switch Maestro, MasterCard & we also accept PayPal. If you dont wish to purchase online you can always call us on 01772 877860 and we can take a payment over the telephone. We also have a shop based in Preston, Lancashire which is open 6 days a week (Monday to Friday) and you can buy them and pay with card or cash.


This is affirmative,  buy fireworks online UK. We keep the top branded fireworks in our shop and dont settle for cheap alternatives.

See the videos and Buy Fireworks Online UK?

All of our fireworks are filmed using high definition video recorders so you can get the best preview possible for the product that you are interested in, lets face it nothing does the description like the seeing it in action.

You can Buy Fireworks For Sale Online UK All Year Round

It is legal to buy fireworks for sale UK any time of the year its just mostly they are used at Bonfire Night, new Years Eve and Weddings. People use them for all types of occasions, the main reason is for celebrating!

Buy Fireworks For Sale Online UK Lancashire

Our fireworks Shop is in Lancashire so why not take a visit and see what we have in store!

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