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Barrages & Cakes

We sell all types of firework barrages here at the Fireworks Shop! Feel free to browse all our categories and see the range that we have. We have fireworks for all occasions and they are at very competitive prices!

What are Barrages also known as?

Barrages are also known as Fireworks Cakes or Single Ignition fireworks (only one fuse needs to be lit). They contain multiple roman candles and aerial shells in tubes. Connected together by a fast fuse they are designed to fire in series; multiple shots can also be fired at the same time through the arrangement of the internal fusing by the manufacturer. Most are square or rectangular boxes and can carry tens to hundreds of shots that can last from seconds to minutes.

Why are our barrage fireworks popular?

Fireworks barrages are popular because they provide many effects, colours and sounds, and are effectively a fireworks display in a box. Combining multiple barrages in succession and mixing different products makes for an impressive fireworks display, with some being suited to starting a display or for a grand finale. Many people experiment with this arrangement of barrages to create their own display and impress guests.
Remember, if you are not sure what is best for your fireworks display, or you need advice about our products, then call Fireworks Shop

Barrage Fireworks that we sell

We have all types of barrage fireworks and you can look in all the different categories as we have divided the barrages into price ranges for your convenience. If you can't find the firework that you're looking for, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you in finding the right one!

Videos of our barrage fireworks

For your convenience we have the videos of our firework barrages on every product & they are filmed by Fireworks Shop staff!

Our promise to you

As a retailer our promise is to provide you, the customer, with the best possible service we can; this means any barrage fireworks we sell, we make sure that they are of the highest quality!

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