Thalia by Argento

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Thalia by Argento

Arriving from Funke's sister brand is this amazing fanned piece of pyro. This cake fires 25 shots from maximum 30mm bore tubes packed with 500g of powder and has a duration time of 16 seconds. This fanned volley piece fires in groups of 5 shots and the effects are golden comet tails to thick huge hanging golden willows surrounded by green and white pearls with vibrant blue stars with a huge white strobing and vibrant blue mine lift, this then alternates to ruby red pearls and white strobing stars with a matching mine lift. Pound for pound this is the best 25 shot fan cake I have lit and reviewed. Absolutely huge mine lifts and skyfilling brocades. A must for any pyro lover!

More Information
Category TypeF2
Firing PatternFanned
Hazard Class1.4
Safety Distance15 metres
Shots Fired25
Tube Size30mm
Noise LevelHigh
Powder Weight500g
Reserve FuseNo
  • Brands: Funke
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