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0 - £15 Barrage Fireworks

In this section you will find the Smaller fireworks barrages under £15 provide value for money, they are usually suited to smaller gardens or for setting off before the larger fireworks displays. Most people tend to use these barrage fireworks for children.

What you get with the smaller Barrage Fireworks

With the smaller barrages they are still capable of dazzling effects and wooing the children but they do not last longer than the larger barrage Fireworks as they typically contain 16 shots and upwards. They make perfect fireworks for just entertaining the kids on bonfire night!


The fireworks we sell are guaranteed to work as for each batch of Barrage Fireworks, so many are randomly selected for testing. You can also view the firework in motion on the product pages as we record every one we well to be displayed on out website.

Come to our shop to see the Barrage Fireworks we sell!

Don't be shy, if you are situated in the Preston Lancashire area why not come on down to our shop, our friendly staff will help you find the right Barrage Fireworks for you. We dont just sell online as we have fireworks shops based in Preston, of course you can just keep it simple and order online with us as long as somebody over 18 years old is able to sign for the delivery.

Why not have a Small Barrage Fireworks Displays

One thing about these barrage Fireworks is they can be easily combined with other barrages to create your own party display in your garden or maybe else ware, with so many to choose from you can definitely find the ones you fancy and make an impression on the party!

Remember to be safe when lighting Barrage Fireworks

We always encourage people to be safe & act responsibly when using Barrage Fireworks, we have a F.A.Q. page on all kinds of information related to the correct use of them.

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