Thunderstruck By Primed

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Thunderstruck By Primed

New for 2021 is this stunning compound bought to you by Primed Pyrotechnics. This 150 shot multi-effect cake is packed with 1881g of powder crammed into 25mm bore tubes and has a duration of one and a half minutes. The effects start with a centre fired display of golden sizzling palms accompanied by red and green strobing pearls which changes to golden brocades which also alternates between being surrounded by vibrant blues stars and red strobing pearls, next is a stunning display of multi-coloured comets bursting into brocades and strobing stars with a glittering red ghosting backdrop, stunning. Then a V fired section alternates between huge golden shimmering willows and vibrant blue pearls, golden sizzling spiders and strobing red stars and golden brocades with diamond white stars. Building up to the finale is a W fired section of multi-coloured pearls surrounded by golden chrysanthemum crackle before a multi fanned volley of golden swimming palms with ruby red strobes, huge green and golden strobes with swimming palms and vibrant blue stars with swimming palms before golden serpents swirl their way to a titanium salute finale!!What a way to end your display or fire to celebrate any special occasion!! Absolutely stunning!!

More Information
Category TypeF3
Firing PatternMixed
Hazard Class1.3
Safety Distance25 metres
Shots Fired150
Height25 + Metres
Tube Size25mm
Noise LevelHigh
Powder Weight1881
Reserve FuseNo
  • Brands: Primed Pyrotechnics